Proteins are the critical nutrients that we need to stay in perfect health. Proteins are the building blocks of the body’s cells and organs. They also possess a natural therapeutic potential. Proteins are also needed by the body to heal and repair damaged tissues. They can increase muscle mass, and boost immunity. However, you need to be careful while choosing protein supplements for immunity, muscle growth, or improving your fitness.

Proteins play a vital role in improving the response of immune cells to disease-causing agents like microorganisms and toxins.  Antibodies that are formed by the immune system to stop invaders from attacking healthy cells are created from nothing but proteins!

Without an adequate supply of proteins, your immune system may not be as strong as it should be to be able to prevent diseases. This marks the importance of using protein supplements for immunity and why it is important to choose the best supplements.

The Benefits of Protein Supplements for Immunity

Promote Immune Response

Protein Supplements For Immunity

Researchers have found that proteins help in the formation of immune cells called macrophages that help to engulf and destroy foreign invaders and protect the body against infections.

Other than antibodies, proteins are also needed by the body to form T cells that fight infectious pathogens. Studies have shown that our body needs a combination of different proteins to be able to generate enough T cells.

Similarly, proteins also help in the formation of immune cells called macrophages that help to engulf and destroy foreign invaders and protect the body against infections.

This is why it is important to increase your intake of protein-rich foods or use protein supplements for immunity.

However, not all sources of proteins possess the effectiveness you desire. Research studies have shown that some protein supplements may be virtually useless for improving immunity, building muscle mass, or promoting overall fitness.

If you are looking for protein supplements for immunity or other health-related purposes, it is advisable to choose those that contain a perfect combination of amino acids such as L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Valine, L-isoleucine, and L-Phenylalanine.

These proteins play a key role in promoting the functions of the immune system through their ability to support the formation of T cells, macrophages, and antibodies. Regular use of protein supplements containing these amino acids is recommended for patients who suffer from weak immunity and need strong and natural healing support.

Regulate Metabolic Pathways

The ability of some amino acids to improve the functions of the immune system can be attributed to the balancing effect they produce on metabolic pathways.

The immune system modulates the balance between the responsiveness to infectious pathogens and the tolerance to non-harmful antigens. Recent findings have implicated the catabolism of tryptophan through certain metabolic pathways as one of the mechanisms involved.

Some theories have proposed that tryptophan catabolism can facilitate tolerance. One theory has suggested that the breakdown of tryptophan could suppress the T cell proliferation by reducing the supply of critical amino acids dramatically. Another theory postulates that the metabolites of the catabolism of tryptophan could suppress the activities of certain immune cells, probably by inducing pro-apoptotic mechanisms. This immunomodulatory action of tryptophan catabolites could help to regulate the functions of the immune cells and provide a natural means for replenishing NAD+ in leucocytes that are diminished due to oxidative stress.

This marks the role of tryptophan as a natural immunomodulatory amino acid. It also underlines the need to choose protein supplements for immunity carefully such that they contain optimum amounts of tryptophan or other amino acids that can strengthen and regulate the immune system.

Alleviate Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities arising due to the abnormal response of the immune system and the resulting complications like leaky gut syndrome can be avoided by using protein supplements for immunity.

Amino acids like glutamine, L-Leucine, and L-Methionine can heal the damaged intestinal lining and provide relief from the symptoms of food sensitivities.

These amino acids can help to restore the normal functions of the immune system and thus, improve gut flora, enhance the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, and prevent the manifestation of the leaky gut syndrome.

Why is it Important to Choose the Protein Supplements For Immunity Carefully?

BioPro-Plus 2 BoxesThere is no shortage of protein supplements available on the market today.

However, not all of them possess the right combination of proteins and amino acids to fulfil the daily needs of our bodies.

This is why we need to choose our protein supplements carefully such that they can help support all bodily functions.

BioPro-Plus is one of the best protein supplements for immunity that is revered for the carefully researched amino acids included in it. Let us have a look at the specific proteins present in BioPro-Plus and how they can help improve our immunity, health and fitness.

How Does BioPro-Plus Work?

Helper & Killer TcelllsBioPro-Plus offers a unique combination of 5 Thymic Proteins that are bioidentical to the proteins produced naturally in our bodies.

These proteins should ideally be an integral part of our fitness program as they play a key role in supporting the metabolic processes, immunological functions, and much more.

These proteins are naturally produced in the thymus gland. However, as we age, this gland begins to shrink in size as a result of which the production of thymic proteins in the thymus begins to decline.

This is one of the reasons why the risk of certain diseases increases with age. What makes matters worse is that these proteins are only produced by our bodies and not available from dietary sources. Hence, there is a need to use supplements in order to avoid the health issues that may arise due to the decline in the production of thymic proteins due to aging.

BioPro-Plus is enriched with these thymic proteins which is why it is considered one of the most effective protein supplements we can use to avoid disease development.

Here is an analysis of the functions of thymic proteins in BioPro-Plus and how the regular use of this supplement could be beneficial for maintaining your health.

Supports Immunological Pathways

Research studies have revealed that thymic proteins play a vital role in training the body’s immune cells to seek and identify damaged or inflamed cells. Without an adequate level of these proteins, the “seeker cells” of the immune system may remain untrained. As a result, the ability of the immune system to identify the infected cells so that they can be destroyed by the killer cells is reduced. This may lead to the flaring up of infections making a person vulnerable to serious complications.

This marks the importance of ensuring your body is not deprived of thymic proteins by using natural protein supplements for immunity such as BioPro-Plus.

BioPro-Plus contains purified thymic proteins from animal sources, usually bovine. This ensures the supplement contains the bioidentical versions of these proteins, allowing them to be easily assimilated and a safer choice for supporting your immunity.

BioPro-Plus is also enriched with Zinc Gluconate that has been clinically proven to shorten the duration of infections such as the common cold by encouraging a strong immune response.

Higher Effectiveness

BioPro-Plus is effective against a wide range of infectious pathogens, including bacteria, and viruses that tend to remain in our bodies for several months to years even after we have recovered from the initial bout of the illness.

Regular use of BioPro-Plus could help to support the body’s natural ability to seek and destroy these infectious pathogens thereby clearing the infection in a shorter duration and more completely.

This could help to protect you against the risk of long-term complications that can occur due to viruses remaining in the body and causing mutations in healthy tissues. These proteins could also help to protect healthy cells against the long-term impact of viruses and help to reduce your risk of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Carefully Researched Formula

BioPro-Plus is considered one of the best protein supplements for immunity. It is enriched with 5 thymic proteins, which can stimulate immune function in a shorter duration while also including specific proteins which ensure a constant state of stimulation is not maintained, thus mirroring the body’s natural balance.

The spike in health brought about by BioPro-Plus is considered strong, though not designed to cause the immune system to remain in a constant state of stimulation. This would ensure the regular use of BioPro-Plus does not lead to the overstimulation of the immune system that is responsible for triggering autoimmune disorders.

The thymic proteins can regulate immune functions by duplicating the body’s own natural ebb and flow of immunological function and create a long-term sustainable improvement in your overall health.

Regular use of protein supplements for immunity would strengthen the body’s defenses and help you avoid infections and other diseases linked to immunological dysfunctions. Natural immunity-balancing supplements like BioPro-Plus offer a perfect combination of proteins and amino acids that would promote the normal functions of the immune system and help you stay fit and healthy.

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