How BioPro-Plus Works

BioPro-Plus is a unique combination of 5 Thymic Proteins which are bioidentical to the proteins that our bodies naturally create.

It is the job pf these proteins to train the body’s immune system to effectively seek and identify diseased cells. Without these proteins, the “seeker cells” part of our immune systems remain untrained and cannot identify infected cells for destruction by the “killer cells”. See Figure 1.

Thymic Proteins are often the “missing link” for many people in overcoming disease which has withstood treatment with many other immune system supplements, antibiotics and antivirals, without the detrimental side-effects.
There are no known side-effects or drug interactions to Thymic Protein supplementation, due to them being 100% natural and seen by our bodies as biologically identical to our own Thymus Gland secretions.

Why do I need Thymus Proteins?

Kill The unfortunate way that our bodies were designed, is that our Thymus Gland produces Thymic Proteins while we are young and, after puberty, this gland begins to atrophy. By the time we are over the age of 40, the Thymus Gland stops producing them all together. This is often the cause of increasing susceptibility to sickness and disease in our latter years.

Many people fortify their immune systems with Vitamin C, Echinacea, Garlic and many of the other well-known immune system supplements, but these mainly focus on the health of the “killer cells”. These cells perform an essential role, but are not very effective without the “seeker cells” first identifying diseased cells.

Thymus Proteins are not found in our food and the Thymus Gland cannot be fortified to continue to produce these proteins in our latter years, or after gland damage. Supplementation is the only way to replace them.

What do Thymus Proteins Help Kill?

Kill Viruses, Bacteria, Cancer CellsMany pathogens, particularly viruses, remain present in our bodies long after we recover from the symptoms of the illness. Other mutant cells, including cancer, occur spontaneously due to certain viruses, chemicals, environmental exposure and many other causes. At any given time, there are infected cells present in our bodies and it is the job of our immune systems to regularly seek these out and kill them.

It is when the body is overwhelmed with this task of seeking and killing diseased cells that we become sick. The mutant cells reproduce past the point that our immune systems can kill them and we succumb to disease.

It is also the lack of “seeker cells” that has been linked with immune system malfunction. Autoimmune disease happens when the body’s own immune system becomes confused as to which cells to kill and begins to kill its own healthy cells. Given that Thymus Proteins fortify that very part that aids in cell identification, replacing these proteins may help to re-tune immune function.

Why BioPro-Plus?

BioPro-Plus is unique in that it contains not 1 or 2 Thymus Proteins, but 5. Through research and clinical trials, it was discovered that 1 or 2 proteins dedicated to the stimulation of immune function worked for a short time and patients found a sudden spike in health. What became apparent was that this spike was unsustainable, as the immune system wasn’t designed to remain in this constant state of stimulation, but have a natural modulation.

The addition of up to 5 Thymic Proteins regulated the immune function to best duplicate the body’s own modulation and therefore producing a long-term, sustainable immune function improvement.

BioPro-Plus Ingredients

We use only purified, certified BSE-free Thymic Proteins from an animal source, usually bovine. This allows us to offer the bioidentical version of these proteins, rather than a synthetic form.

Zinc GluconateBioPro-Plus also contains Zinc Gluconate, which is clinically proven to shorten the duration of infection from the common cold virus and enhances immune response.

BioPro-Plus 500 contains Silver Solution which is well documented as having antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Scientific Evidence & Clinical Trials

For a more technical overview of BioPro-Plus and how it stimulates immune function, please click our report below.

BioPro-Plus Increases CD4 Counts

We have carried out clinical trials of BioPro-Plus and those are available to you, please click below.

BioPro-Plus Hepatitis C Clinical Study

Figure 1

Helper & Killer Tcellls