Nine out of 10 Americans say that they spring clean every year. This annual ritual is the perfect time to also re-evaluate your health habits. Over the years, you might have picked up a few habits or routines that don’t serve your goals of achieving optimal health. Today, let’s explore some common missteps or mistakes that might actually be sabotaging your wellness journey.

Spring Clean Your Health Habits: Make These Changes Today

1. Clean Out Your Kitchen

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Go through your cupboards and be mindful of the junk food you have. Consider tossing, or placing in a very hard-to-reach drawer or cupboard so that the temptation is reduced.

Now is the best time to do a quick analysis of your refrigerator, freezer, kitchen cupboards and cabinet drawer. A tidy and well-organized fridge and kitchen make it easier for you to see your healthy options and choose them over ordering unhealthy takeout or snacking on an indulgent treat:

  • Toss old and expired items in your fridge, and reorganize everything so that your veggies, fruit and healthy foods are easy to browse and enjoy while fresh.
  • Go through your cupboards and be mindful of the junk food you have. Consider tossing, or placing in a very hard-to-reach drawer or cupboard so that the temptation is reduced.
  • Check the expiration dates on your supplements, and properly dispose of supplements that are past their best-before date.
  • Make an inventory of your whole kitchen and make sure you have healthy options in different food groups, which assists with meal planning and makes eating healthy more effortless.

2. Revisit Your Portions

Many people struggle with overeating because they aren’t even aware of how much they’re eating. Spring clean your eating habits and health habitsby practicing portion control and mindfulness for one week:

  • Weigh or portion out your food to get more familiar with what a serving size is.
  • Consider switching to smaller plates and bowls, which helps you to better visually estimate how much you’re eating.
  • Get more in touch with your hunger cues, paying attention to whether you’re actually hungry when you’re eating.

3. Detox Your Sugar and Salt

Spring clean your seasonings and pay attention to how much sugar you consume. 

“Of all the health zappers that are our there, hands down– refined flour and sugar top the charts,” says Dr. Joey Shulman. “Processed flours and sugars promote energy fluctuations, weight gain and belly fat storage and can lead to more serious diseases such as Type II diabetes. An excess of refined flour and sugar also creates a craving for more –leading to a dependency and a vicious cycle.”

Salt is another overly-indulged ingredient. 

If you’re like most Americans, your intake of both is probably a lot higher than you think. This can lead to weaker immune systems, poor health, bad sleep, etc. 

Try abstaining from all added sugar and salt for just one week to reset your taste buds and be more conscious of how much salt and sugar you eat and drink.

4. Spring Back Into Bed

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Are you getting enough sleep? This month, we’re “springing forward” into Daylight Saving Time. Changing the clock is a good time to change your sleep habits and ensure you’re getting seven to eight hours of shut-eye a night:

  • Lower the bedroom temperature
  • Add blackout blinds to keep light pollution at bay
  • Relax before bed with a warm bath (Epsom salts, full of relaxing magnesium, may help!), meditation or soothing music
  • Keep digital screens out of the bedroom

5. Make Sure You’re Getting All the Supplements You Need

As you wrap up your spring cleaning, revisit your supplements. The spring clean season is the perfect time to make sure you’re providing your body with everything it needs, and that you don’t have any major nutritional deficiencies or gaps to worry about.

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