The health benefits of spring cleaning are probably far from your mind when it comes to cleaning… you’re likely more focused on the obvious benefit of having the house or working environment clean. In ancient cultures, the spring was the beginning of the new year, because nature starts again. Therefore the perfect timing for us to start again is in the spring and there is no better way to do it then with the spring cleaning.

Spring resolution

We often hear people make New Year resolutions, which more often than not remain unfulfilled. This is totally expected as everyone is looking for changes in the middle of the winter when nature sleeps. The spring is when we, as part of nature, feel the most energized – both physically and mentally. So forget about the New Year’s resolutions and start making spring resolutions! The first of which should be spring cleaning.

Cleaning is cleansing

Why start with cleaning?

It may seem like a small thing to do but there are many health benefits of spring cleaning. After months of cold and gloomy weather, the sun is back. Now nature awakes, plants and flowers are blooming, and something simply makes you open the windows (provided we do not suffer from spring allergies), and let the spring in. And then we start to look around the house – remember, it’s a new beginning, so we start making a list. This list contains what we need to do, what to clean, what to throw away, what to buy new, etc. This whole process has a cathartic impact because while cleaning our environment we clean our inner-self as well. It’s like taking a moment for a new perspective.

Health benefits of spring cleaning

Health benefits of spring cleaning

The first health benefit is pretty obvious – we get rid of the dirt and dust that kept piling up in the less accessible corners of the house or office. The origins of dust in our homes are very diverse. There is pet hair, textile and paper fibers, dead skin, soot, pollen, outdoor soil, etc. There is a lot of everything in the dust, and dust attracts dust mites that feed on it, and they are a very common cause of allergies.

Out of sight, out of mind

Spring CleaningThere is one thing that spring does better than any other season – it gives a new perspective. In the spring we may suddenly realize how many things need cleaning and/or how many things around us are no longer needed. And then we realize how much energy we spend cleaning unneeded items. Having this kind of mess impacts our health both physically and mentally. Clearing the clutter in our environment will also clear the clutter in our minds, as well. With all the daily duties we have at work and with family, we must be free to think and concentrate. Spring cleaning will reduce stress, improve our mood and give a mental boost to a healthier lifestyle.

At some point in the year, we start feeling less productive, especially during the winter. We suddenly realize we’re not achieving as much as we want to. The first thing to do is to achieve something that we can instantly see. Something that we can instantly be proud of. And what would be more productive than a spring clean to get that feeling? Nothing lifts our mood and energy more than a clean and bright space around us and our mental health gets a boost.

It’s great exercise

Why spring cleaning, and not summer cleaning? Because spring is what wakes us up. It is the time when we start moving. We feel energized and we have the highest levels of will power…and we need all of that for spring cleaning. Cleaning is one thing that we most often put off for a more appropriate time. It is because it takes time and because it can be strenuous. Strenuous and it takes time…sounds like exercise doesn’t it? Because it is. The health benefits of spring cleaning include physical activity. According to www.sharecare.com we can burn 400 calories in just 30 minutes of moving furniture and floor scrubbing.

Physical activity is vital for the health of our cardiovascular system, joints and bones. And, as we mentioned earlier, spring is the perfect time of the year to set the stage for everything we want to do throughout the year, and physical activity and exercise are definitely on everyone’s to-do and New Year Resolution lists.

Immune system

We spend most of our time indoors, particularly during the winter months. It is where most of us live, work and sleep. If we spend all that time in a dusty and dirty environment, we will seriously compromise our health. There are numerous allergens in dust and this can impact our breathing. Health issues such as asthma are heavily triggered by dust mites, according to www.asthma.org.uk. Regular cleaning is the right way to remove dust and lower the risk of such problems.

The health benefits of spring cleaning are numerous. From physical and mental to the most important one – a healthy immune system. Cleaning is a huge immunity booster! The combined effects of clearing allergens, exercise, mindfulness, clearing items and ideas that no longer serve us and setting intentions for the year are all powerful aids to our immune system. But if you find that you need more help in strengthening your immune system, BioPro Plus 500 is the solution. With natural Thymic Proteins, BioPro Plus 500 helps to balance your immune system in a healthy and safe way and does an additional “spring clean” of your body.

We often look at spring cleaning as a strenuous task that we postpone until we must do it. But if we look at it as the best way to start the year, we will welcome each year with the health benefits of spring cleaning.

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