There has been a sharp rise in the number of patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Most of the causes of anxiety disorders are linked to the excessive usage of smartphones and FOMO.

FOMO refers to the anxiety that a person experiences due to the constant urge to stay updated about everything related directly or indirectly to their life. This condition particularly affects younger individuals who use smartphones for several hours a day. They develop anxiety that they might miss out on something important like any breaking news, birthday party, or event, which is why they keep browsing on their smartphones for several hours.

This can only make their anxiety worse. Let us have a brief discussion about how your immune system plays a role in triggering these causes of anxiety.

What are the immunological causes of anxiety?

Affects neurobiological processes

Recent research studies have shown that behavioral states and neurological processes in the body are associated with the immune system suggesting there might be a relationship between your immunity and the symptoms of anxiety.

It appears that a number of factors including the age and gender of a person and the nature, chronicity, and intensity of a stressful event can trigger the causes of anxiety by initiating an immune system response.

The results of this study indicate that anxiety and immunity could be clearly linked. Hence, identifying the role of the immune system may help to elucidate the development, pathophysiology, and the causes of anxiety disorders.

PSU severity

causes of anxiety

Some forms of smartphone use may be linked to your immune system and the causes of anxiety.

Several studies have examined how the mediating psychological constructs account for the relations between anxiety and PSU (problematic smartphone use) severity. The fear of missing out (FOMO) was considered the possible mediator in the relationships between anxiety and PSU.

The structural equation modeling of this study demonstrated that FOMO could be significantly related to the frequency of smartphone usage and the severity of PSU. The risk of anxiety, in turn, is linked to the alterations in brain functions that are associated with systemic immune stimulation.

This establishes the indirect link between the immune system, anxiety, and smartphone usage. While it is important to limit the use of smartphones to prevent anxiety, it is also essential to correct immune system functions to inhibit the causes of anxiety.

Response to stressful stimuli

causes of anxiety

Chronic stress, which is prevalent in most Americans’ lives, impacts your immune system and also triggers anxiety.

FOMO is known to create immense mental stress, especially in younger individuals. They experience peer pressure, which compels them to stay updated about everything. They fear that being unaware of an event or some facts can make them feel or be inferior to others.

At the same time, they also feel it essential to have a constant presence on social media sites and ‘reply’, ‘like’, and ‘share’ the comments or photos shared by their friends. They fear that not doing so could force them into social isolation thus making them anxious.

Clinical and experimental studies have proven that the immune system can play a role in regulating this behavior and emotions.

The changes in immune functions have been found to correlate with the severity or duration of internal and external stressful stimuli. It is also apparent that certain substances released by the immune system such as cytokines and prostaglandins play a critical role in initiating the behavioral changes that are characteristic of mental health issues. Correcting the response of the immune system is expected to inhibit the causes of anxiety and stress and reduce the risk of FOMO and other mental health disorders.

These research studies have indicated the role of the immune system in triggering the causes of anxiety. You can avoid the risk of anxiety disorders by using BioPro-Plus. It is a natural immune system boosting supplement formulated to help support the functions of the immune cells. Regular use of BioPro-Plus is recommended for young people at risk of FOMO as well as all patients who are suffering from anxiety disorders.

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