BioPro-Plus HIV Clinical Study

Assessment of BIOPRO-PLUS™ Effectiveness of increasing CD4 concentration of HIV patients

(Infectious Dept. – National Hospital of Pediatrics; Hanoi, Vietnam)

Principal Investigators: PhD., MD – Khu Thi Khanh Du; Director Neonatology Master – Nguyen Van Lam & Associate

1. Objective

Decreased immune response of HIV/AIDS infected children is one of the great challenges in treatment. To get the best results in HIV patient’s treatment requires a combination of drugs and nutritional supplements.

This study is to demonstrate whether the use of BioPro-Plus™ (Biologically Active Thymus Protein plus Zinc) will enhance and balance the immune function in patients who have resistance to Antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.

2. Testers and Methodology

2.1 Testers: 30 patients, 9 months to 15 years old who have been diagnosed HIV drug resistance (ARV) with CD4<20%.

Criteria in choosing patients:
Study Group: random, 30 patients under HIV drug resistance (ARV) with CD4<20%, using BioPro-Plus™ (2 packets per day) for 1 month.

Control Group: random, 30 patients under HIV drug resistance (ARV) with CD4<20%, not using BioPro-Plus™.

Exclusion criteria: No Corticosteroid use for 60 days prior to study.

2.2 Methodology:
Clinically tested, comparison before and after treatment and control group.
Procedure: Measure the CD4 concentration before and after using BioPro-Plus™ for 1 month and compare to control group. Dosage: 2 packets per day for one month.

3. Results

BioPro-Plus HIV Clinical Study Results 1

BioPro-Plus HIV Clinical Study Results 2

BioPro-Plus HIV Clinical Study Results 3

BioPro-Plus HIV Clinical Study Results 4

4. Discussion

The Study results on 30 HIV patients who are undergoing treatment for HIV and experiencing ARV drug resistance at the Pediatric Hospital Infectious Disease Department from March to June 2009, using BioPro-Plus™ as follows:

Clinically Reviewed

14 cases gained weight (46.7%) in which 5 cases (16.7%) gained more than 1 kg.

No rash or allergic reaction during or after BioPro-Plus™

100% reported ease of using

2 cases (6.6%) having digestive disorders while using BioPro-Plus™. However, each resolved within 3 – 5 days.

Increased CD4 cell counts: CD4 cell percentage increased from 11.7+4.58 to 21.9+7.86 (P <0.05).


1. BioPro-Plus™ had the effect of increasing the quantity of CD4 cells (%) (P<0.05).

2. BioPro-Plus™ is safe, no side effects and is easy to use.


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