Hepatitis C is a viral infection that affects the liver and causes inflammation. It is a chronic disorder, which can lead to serious life-threatening complications such as cirrhosis and hepatic carcinoma. This is why it’s essential for us to know about effective hepatitis C treatment. The hepatitis C virus responsible for causing this infection is spread through contaminated blood.

We consider Hepatitis C infection as a “no more” when we can’t detect the virus in the blood 3 months after the treatment But the survival rate for this condition is very low. Especially since, in some patients, the virus may remain dormant. As a result, though the patient may not experience any symptoms, he may become a carrier and spread the virus to others.

hepatitis C treatmentMost patients diagnosed with this condition need to take lifelong hepatitis C treatment to control the symptoms and prevent complications. Hence, it is important to avoid the risk of this disorder through precautionary measures and improving immunity against the virus.

A weak immunity can raise the risk of developing this infection and also make the recovery of the patient more difficult. Several immune dysfunctions have been found to play a role in causing hepatitis C complications. Let us have a look at how immunological disorders which can make a person prone to liver infections and the hepatitis C treatments based on improving the immune system functions.

Weak immune system

Research studies have indicated that the Hepatitis C Virus causes chronic infection in more than 50% of the affected individuals. It can cause complications such as cirrhosis and hepatic carcinoma. The incidence of these complications is higher in patients having an inefficient immune system that prevents the elimination of the virus.

A persistent infection is usually associated with a lower CD8+ and CD4+ T cell response. An ineffective humoral or cellular immune response can also increase the risk of developing hepatitis C infection. An improperly functioning immune system may fail to control the inflammatory changes in the liver, thus triggering the development of hepatic carcinoma. These studies point to the need for immunological interventions for better results with hepatitis C treatment.

An interaction between immune cells and Hepatitis C virus

The outcome of hepatitis C infection depends on the viral clearance or persistence. A strong immune system can stimulate viral clearance and promote a faster recovery of the patients. However, in patients suffering from immune dysfunctions, viral clearance is hampered, resulting in persistent Hepatitis C infection.

Hepatitis C treatment by improving immune function

The clinical studies mentioned above have revealed the role played by the immune system in the development of hepatitis C. Hence, it is important to seek proper hepatitis C treatment that aims at improving immunity.

BioPro-Plus is an immunity-boosting supplement that has shown encouraging results in the management of this disorder. A study conducted to assess the benefits of using this supplement has shown remarkable improvement in the liver profile and the symptoms of hepatitis C.

The study involved thirty-five clinically positive Hepatitis C patients who displayed elevated liver enzymes including AST and ALT. The patients received one packet of BioPro-Plus every day for a duration of 6 months. During this period, testing protocol included testing of the liver profile and the RNA PCR Viral count at regular intervals were undertaken.

The findings of this study have revealed significant improvement in the symptoms. In twenty-five participants, in addition to the symptom improvement, there was an increase in energy levels and an improved feeling of overall wellbeing. There was a significant reduction in the AST, ALT and RNA PCR in these patients.

This study has proven the benefits of using BioPro-Plus for hepatitis C treatment. This nutritional supplement contains biologically active thymic proteins and zinc gluconate, which stimulate the mature lymphocytes and support the cell-mediated specific immune response to the hepatitis C virus. Hence, patients with hepatitis C should use BioPro-Plus on a regular basis to obtain relief from the symptoms and enhance their chances of recovery.

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