When we think of calcium, we consider its importance for the health of our bones and teeth. Calcium is an essential mineral that the body needs to make bones and teeth stronger. However, the functions and benefits of calcium are not limited to your teeth and bones. It is also needed by your body to support the functions of the immune system. A deficiency of calcium may make you prone to develop immunological dysfunctions. Here is a brief discussion about the role of calcium in immune system functions.

Benefits of Calcium: How Does Calcium Help to Support the Functions of the Immune System?

Calcium Homeostasis

benefits of calcium

Dairy products are the most common dietary sources of calcium for many people.

Calcium plays a critical role in the activation of calcium channels in the cells of the immune system.

Research studies have revealed that the activation of these cells is essential for the healthy functioning of the immune system. When these cells are stimulated, the concentration of calcium ions in cells increases due to their entry from the external medium and the movement of calcium from the intracellular membrane-bound compartment.

The movement of calcium in this manner forms one of the critical mechanisms by which the immune cells can mediate their response against infectious pathogens. This response is also important for regulating blood pressure and controlling inflammation in the body.

This is why; it is important to ensure your body receives an adequate supply of calcium in order to support these mechanisms and improve immune system functions.

Triggers Healing

Calcium is considered the initial trigger for the response of the immune system to activate healing.

Scientists studying cellular mechanisms and processes underlying the response of the immune system to healing have revealed that a flash of calcium is the first step in repairing the injured or damaged tissue.

The findings might lead to new therapies that can speed up the healing processes following injuries or surgeries.

It emphasizes that the body needs calcium in order to activate the healing response by immune cells. Inadequate levels of calcium may prevent healing mechanisms from working efficiently due to which patients may develop non-healing wounds or infections at a surgical site.

Further research is needed to assess the potential use of calcium supplements for patients with wounds or surgeries to help them recover faster. It also supports the theory that calcium plays an important role in supporting the body’s natural immunological mechanisms involved in repair.

Balances the Response to Infections

Research studies have shown that this unique property of calcium could be beneficial for patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases and also need to protect themselves against infections.

Calcium can balance the response of the immune system to infection-causing microorganisms. It stimulates a key cellular signal that maintains a vital balance between your body’s ability to destroy microbes and the need to prevent autoimmune diseases.

Research studies have shown that this unique property of calcium could be beneficial for patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases and also need to protect themselves against infections.

The dual role of calcium involves boosting the activities of immune cells against pathogens while controlling their activities against the body’s own healthy tissues.

This means when the body encounters bacteria, viruses, or fungi, calcium can promote a healthy response to attack and destroy these organisms. At the same time, it would also prevent an exaggerated response of the immune cells against the body’s own tissues thereby preventing the development of autoimmune disorders.

It is possible to avoid immunological dysfunctions that prevent wound healing or cause repeated infections by ensuring your body gets an adequate supply of calcium. Including calcium-rich foods in your regular diet is highly recommended in order to strengthen your bones and teeth and boost immunity.

Your efforts to strengthen your immunity could yield better results when you include the use of BioPro-Plus in your routine.

BioPro-Plus is an immunity-modulating supplement that has been formulated to help you avoid immunological dysfunctions. It would complement the benefits of calcium for your immune system and help protect you against inflammation, infections, oxidative stress, and allergies.

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