The dental and oral hygiene of a person indicates their overall health and could also provide insight into the disease they may be suffering from. Several ailments that affect different tissues and organs of the body can manifest themselves in the form of poor oral and dental health. The causes of dental conditions can also be linked to the abnormality in any other part of the body, particularly the intestine.

The immune system is also known to play a role in affecting dental health. It has been found that dental conditions such as cavities, and bad breath can be improved significantly by taking steps to enhance the normal functions of the immune system.

Here is a brief discussion about how an abnormal immune system response triggers the causes of dental conditions and why it is important to strengthen immune system functions to promote dental health.

How does an improved immune system prevent the causes of dental conditions?

Prevents inflammation

Research studies have found that most dental problems arise due to inflammation in the intestine. The prevalence and recurrence of dental cavities and halitosis are higher in patients who suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Though the common clinical signs of these conditions include abdominal pain, blood in stools, fever, fatigue, vomiting, or weight loss.

Inflammatory changes in the intestine caused due to IBD occur as a result of the faulty reaction of the immune system, which can also worsen the causes of dental conditions. The results of this study have indicated the need to improve the functions of the immune system to derive relief from the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases as well as the dental manifestations of these conditions.

Reduces Proinflammatory cytokines

Several research studies have suggested that dental health could be improved significantly by controlling inflammatory changes occurring in the body. Damage to the enamel of the teeth, cavities in the tooth, abnormal growth or weakening of the tooth are often the results of a faulty diet and the inflammatory changes occurring in dental tissue including the enamel, dentine, and the root.

causes of dental conditions

These inflammatory changes occur due to the abnormal response of the immune system that results in a higher production of cytokines that trigger the causes of dental conditions. This therapy has been supported by clinical investigations that have shown that the saliva of patients who suffer from recurrent dental conditions contains a higher concentration of cytokines as well as other inflammatory agents like IL-1β, and TNF-α.

These findings suggest that the risk of dental problems could be reduced by controlling the response of the immune system to reduce the secretion of inflammatory substances.

Prevents autoimmune reaction

It is known that the autoimmune response of the body can result in damage to the healthy tissues of the body resulting in the development of chronic diseases. The role of autoimmunity in triggering the causes of dental conditions has been proven during research studies.

The results of a study have suggested that poor dental and oral health are associated with the presence of autoimmune diseases. A large percentage of patients who suffer from autoimmune disorders tend to develop oral conditions such as dental plaque.

This study has also shown that patients with a higher plaque index, which is a marker of poor oral hygiene, are more likely to be suffering from autoimmune diseases. This study marks the importance of taking steps to control the abnormal reaction of the immune cells against healthy tissues such as enamel of the teeth to prevent the causes of dental conditions.

Patients who suffer from recurrent dental problems such as decaying of the teeth, tooth erosion, a sensitivity of tooth or cavities are advised to use immunity-modulating supplements such as BioPro-Plus. This supplement is formulated to help enhance the functions of the immune system and prevent inflammation and autoimmune response.

Regular use of BioPro-Plus could help to regulate immune system functions and thus improve dental health by preventing the causes of dental conditions.

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