Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder characterized by severe fatigue, without connection with any specific underlying medical condition. The fatigue often worsens at the slightest physical or mental activity. Most patients do not find any improvement in the symptoms even after rest. Researchers are still unsure of the exact causes of chronic fatigue but evidence suggests immune health is a factor.

The other common signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include loss of memory and concentration. There is also enlargement of the lymph nodes, sore throat, unexplained pain in the muscles or joints, frequent headaches and unrefreshing sleep.

Though the exact causes of chronic fatigue syndrome are not known, it is believed to occur due to an interplay of multiple factors including viral infections and psychological stress.

Research studies have also indicated immunological abnormalities as the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. A weak immune system and faulty response of the immune cells trigger the development of this disease. The immune system may also worsen the symptoms of this condition. Let us have a look at how your immune system contributes to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome.

How does the immune system trigger the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome?

Uncontrolled inflammation

Clinical research has revealed that the imbalance of the functions of the immune cells triggers the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Analysis of the blood of participants with this disease compared to healthy individuals have shown a marked difference in the levels of cytokines. The patients with this ailment had a higher level of cytokines, produced by the immune system in response to an infection.

It was also found that the levels of cytokines were higher in the patients who suffered from more severe symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. The levels of cytokines were persistently high in the patients with inflammatory changes in the muscles and other tissues. These changes reduced the physical performance of the patients by causing pain and reducing joint mobility.

These findings have provided evidence that a weak immune system plays a role in worsening the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

causes of chronic fatigue syndrome

Malfunctioning immune system

Chronic fatigue syndrome appears to associate with the specific changes in a patient’s immune system, particularly the high levels of some chemical messengers which regulate the immune responses.

A research study has shown evidence to prove that chronic fatigue syndrome can occur due to a malfunctioning immune system when the immune cells are unable to fight an infection.

As a result, instead of eliminating and destroying the pathogen, the immune system produces large amounts of cytokines. Cytokines are chemical messengers, which cause deregulation of the response of the immune cells to pro-inflammatory substances.

Over a period of time, the immune system loses its ability to bounce back. It is due to the continuous surge in the production of cytokines. It occurs because the regulatory mechanisms of the body to shut off the cytokine production after the infection has cleared does not work efficiently.

The consistently increased levels of cytokines can trigger the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. It works by causing widespread inflammation in the muscles, bones and other tissues.

Boosting the immune system

Hence, patients suffering from a weak or malfunctioning immune system should use supplements. Supplements such as BioPro-Plus help to prevent the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.  BioPro-Plus offers immense benefits for regulating the response of immune cells and controlling the production of cytokines. This supplement also boosts the immune system functions and enhances its ability to fight infections. This can help to prevent and battle viral infections, which are the most common precursors or causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Regular use of BioPro-Plus can control the inflammatory changes in the muscle tissues caused due to the deregulated immune system response, which can protect the muscles against further damage. These effects of BioPro-Plus can help to ease pain, weakness and fatigue. It can also assist in the faster recovery of the patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

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