Thanksgiving is a magical time of the year, when we realize that we humans are mysterious beings. We evolved in nature, fearing the unknown, and develop a thankful heart for our health and happiness.

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” G.K. Chesterton

We humans may be very similar to animals in terms of our physical mechanism. However, our minds have become much more superior to animals and we are able to find peace and happiness in our hearts based on our actions.

Thanksgiving is the time when our hearts open up. We stop and think for a moment in our busy lives, take the time to be thankful for our blessings and express gratitude.

Psychological benefits of thanksgiving

thanksgiiving dinnerThanksgiving may be part of our religion or American culture, but studies show that it goes beyond culture, and religion, it actually touches hearts and has many health benefits.

Jonathan Fader Ph.D, wrote in an article in psychologytoday.com that when he was a child , his mother used to tell him that he must express gratitude for at least three things every night, before going to bed. This caused him to focus on his day, before going to bed, and reflect back on the day thinking of the good things that he had done or achieved.

Human beings have a natural tendency to focus on the negative things. Our survival instincts have evolved and taught us that way. We remember the negative things so that we can better prepare ourselves for the future. It is important to avoid repeating mistakes, however, thanksgiving allows us to focus on our past, and express gratitude for the positive things.

When we express gratitude for everything that we have achieved throughout the year, such as friendships, relationships, and good health, it gives us contentment. 

Thanksgiving and health

We know that expressing gratitude gives us peace and happiness, but does it help us live a healthier life?

healthy thanksgivng dinnerAlthough you may think that eating a turkey and mashed potato dinner may not be the healthiest of meals (at least not the way most people cook), it’s actually a healthy dinner. Expressing gratitude has many psychological and physiological benefits, so thanksgiving affects your physical and mental health and wellbeing. Giving yourself treats now and then, could be a way of rewarding yourself and should be enjoyed and not feared.

There have been a number of studies done that show that a thanksgiving dinner can help lift your spirit, help people to manage depression, and improve well-being. It has been found that thanksgiving improves relationships, brings people together, improves mood and reduces stress, as a result. Thanksgiving can help lower your cholesterol and sleep better at night.  


Thanksgiving is not just a tradition; it brings people together, improves relationships and helps us reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Grateful people find more energy to stay healthy, work out more often, have healthier immune systems and find inner peace and happiness.  

A traditional turkey dinner can also be good for your body. Be somewhat mindful of how you cook but don’t be afraid to also treat yourself and loved ones on this special occasion.

So get together with your friends and family this Thanksgiving, enjoy a great dinner, and feel happiness and inner peace.

We at Alternative Health Concepts are so thankful that you are part of our wellness community and we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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