The gloomy winter weather can bring you down emotionally causing many health problems. Here are a few tips to help you stay happy and healthy this winter.

Winter is here, and the temperatures are dropping. Don’t let the gloomy winter weather bring you down. Winter can be hazardous to your health if you don’t prepare yourself for the potentially severe weather ahead of time. Here are a few simple things you can do to stay happy and healthy during the winter season. So, try these tips below and stay happy and healthy all winter long.  


1.  Winterize your Workout Routine:

winterTry to stay active as much you can. You might have to make a few adjustments to your exercise schedule to cope with the severe winter season. You might find it difficult to motivate yourself to go outside for a jog or head to the gym when it starts snowing and the roads get covered with snow. However, it’s important that you work out regularly because work out sessions boost your mood and health. Working out outdoors is the best way to boost your health naturally but if the weather isn’t favorable, keep a workout video handy!


 “Exercise can boost your mood, and you need that lift even more during the winter,” – Patricia Laguna, PhD, professor at the California State University.

2. Be Extra Cautious with Your Diet:

Winter is the worst time for our body because it tends to accumulate fat in order to stay warm.  So, avoid any kind of processed fatty foods, refined carbs, and sugary foods. Highly refined sugars and carbs harm your metabolism and immune system. Increased blood sugar often causes you to gain weight and feel less motivated and depressed.


3. Don’t be SAD:

health foodWinter is the time when you should stop being SAD! Yes, SAD can mean a few things. The first meaning of SAD, which is very commonly used, is the Standard American Diet. A SAD diet typically consists of highly refined, processed, junk foods, with high levels of processed fats and sugar. Avoid the SAD diet and embrace a healthy diet with superfoods this winter.  

There is another meaning of SAD, and it’s Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which occurs due to sunlight deprivation. All animals including human beings thrive on sunlight! Soak up as much natural light as possible, and if this isn’t enough, consider trying light therapy.


4. Clean Up Your Indoor Atmosphere:

If you are cooped up indoors all day, it can make you sick… literally! If you plan on staying home all day, you might as well get your indoor air clean. Along with tidying up your home, why not bring nature indoors with some indoor plants? House plants make excellent natural air purifiers.


5. Boost Your Immune System with Supplements:

indoor plantA good defense is the best offense. As you grow older, you may find that you’re becoming sick more easily. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle help, but you may be losing your natural ability to fight diseases. Take multivitamins with zinc, vitamin D and C along with natural immune boosting supplements to fill the gaps that your nutrition can’t provide alone.  To bolster your chances of fighting diseases you’ll need to arm yourself with a bio-identical natural immune boosting supplement.


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Source: Alternative Health Concepts


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