During a season change our immune systems become vulnerable to pathogen attacks. This is also the season for colds and allergies. Here are 5 tips to help you manage the season change safely.

This time of the year, you may find yourself sick in bed with cold symptoms. Our immune system goes under extra stress as we try to adjust to changing temperatures, causing our immune system to get weaker. Cold symptoms can be caused by pathogens or allergies triggered by plants, animals or dust.

5 Helpful Season Change Safety Tips

Stay safe this time of the year. Here are very simple but effective tips to boost your immune system during the season changes so that you are able to fight pathogens better.


1. Drink Plenty of Liquids:

water melon smoothie As the weather gets cooler, people tend to cut back on liquids. Because you don’t sweat as much, you are not that thirsty as often, and don’t drink as much water as you need. This can be harmful for your immune system. It’s important that you drink plenty of water and other liquids. Water will keep you hydrated, help you regulate your body temperature, and also, flush toxins and circulate nutrients better.


2. Clean your House:

Dust in your house is one of the major contributing factors to allergies and cold symptoms. Get rid of dust from your house; keep your house dust free, vacuum your carpets, and clean your closet and furniture. Use clean bed sheets and covers regularly, especially if you have pets because they may carry dust mites.

When you close your doors and windows and turn on your heating system, you circulate dust. Prepare your heating systems for winter. Clean your ducts and filters, repair and replace all faulty ducts and ventilation. You should let a professional check your system and have it cleaned at least once a year.


3. Stay Clean:

Personal hygiene is also very important in fighting common cold symptoms. Cold and flu viruses are contagious and can spread through touch. Wash your hands when you come home from work, and wash your hands if you come into contact with anybody with cold symptoms. Take showers every day; it’s very useful way to get rid of germs from your body.


4. Fight Cold with Food:

ginger tea You may not need cold medicine if you fight cold with a strong, cold fighting diet. Include a lot of hot and spicy foods like chili and chicken soups, add some natural immune boosters like ginger and garlic. Herbal tea with honey is also a powerful cold fighter. Mint is known to get rid of sore throat and irritations.


5. Dress Appropriately:

Dress yourself appropriately in warm clothes. Put on your sweaters and try to keep your ears, feet and hands warm. Adding extra layers of clothes or getting under blankets when you sleep can save your body the extra energy it needs for staying warm. You can use less energy and still stay comfortable.

A healthy lifestyle is important for keeping your immune system healthy. Practice healthy habits like washing hands before eating, keeping your house clean, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy. Also, try to work out regularly; it will boost your immune system and overall health.

Note: These tips are not intended to treat any diseases. If you have severe cold symptoms, high fever or any other symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts


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