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Are you new to yoga? Have you been curious to what all the hype has been about lately? Perhaps looking to start a spiritual journey? No matter the reason, if you’re interested in joining a yoga class but are worried about being a beginner, have no fear.

Here we have found 4 outstanding articles that beautifully cover the basics of yoga classes to prep you from the moment you walk into the studio to your final moments in Savasana (don’t worry, we’ll translate that word too).

10 Things To know Before Your First Yoga Class

By Lizzie Fuhr
Lizzie covers the real basic principles here that a lot of yogi’s take for granted. She recognizes that there’s a lot of new things to learn and the yoga community can be misleading. For example: #5 is “No need for socks or gloves”. Being new to the world of yoga, you may think you need to buy all the gear and props that you see on ads in Yoga Journal or TV. There’s no need for ANY of those to do yoga and Lizzie is going to set that record straight. To read Lizzie’s article click here.


Off the Couch and Onto the Mat: What to Expect from Your First Yoga Class

By Kimberly Fowler
Yoga pose back bend
Kimberly gives a preview of her beginner’s book “The No Om Zone” and covers some important basics that might scare off someone new to yoga philosophy. She tells us how to pronounce Namaste (nah-mas-tay) as well as what to do when you finally arrive at your first yoga studio! With step by step guidance, Kimberly will calm all of your yoga-related worries. For her article click here.


9 Things Every Beginner Should Know About Yoga

By Anna Coventry
Anna goes into some of the physical aspects of practice in this article. She explains the importance of Savasana (Final Relaxation Pose) as well as warns you about the arising feelings associated with backbends. This article will give you the tools you need to fully engage as an observer at your first yoga class and to recognize why you should embrace being you to have the most fun out of your yoga experience. For Anna’s article, click here.


Yoga for Beginners: 5 Things Every Newbie Should Know

By Erica Leibrandt
Erica elegantly explains how yoga is much more than just a workout. She also gives price ranges for the typical yoga class so you know what to expect, what to do during Savasana (turns out it’s not just laying on your back) and even what kinds of people you’re likely to run into. She emphasizes that yoga focuses a huge amount of time on learning and teaching compassion, and invites everyone to try it. Click here to read more.


Of course, anything you see repeated throughout these articles is put there for a reason. For example, breathing REALLY IS the MVP of yoga. Even advanced yogis have to check in on their practice from time to time and revisit their breathwork practice (Pranayama) basics.

And last but not least, try to go to your first yoga class with no expectations. Take everything as it is and watch your natural reactions to your new surroundings. You may come to love your yoga studio, or realize this studio’s not the one for you, or heck, you may even realize yoga is NOT your thing.

Beginners Yoga
The important thing is you didn’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from exploring. And if it goes well, we’d love to hear about it and how your courage leads to your first yoga class or perhaps to many more.

Let us know about your first yoga class! Of course, the physical practice of yoga (asana) is just one aspect of the overarching philosophy of yoga. If you are really interested in strengthening your body in more ways than just exercise, look up our natural Immune System balancing supplement Bio Pro-Plus!

Until next time, stay well and stay healthy!


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