When you feel sick is it usually your thought… “If I get antibiotics right away , I’ll be feeling better really quickly”? Of course everyone wants to feel better as soon as possible, but did you know that there are problems with antibiotics that can make them detrimental to your health? Antibiotics won’t help you if you have a viral infection, antibiotics have dangerous side-effects, some of which can be serious, and even if antibiotics would be effective on your infection, you would only be likely to shorten your illness by a couple of days. 

Your own immune system is the best defense against infection, so before you run to your doctor for a antibiotic prescription, read this article!

Antibiotics are often prescribed by doctors to treat infection. However, recent studies show that they can be harmful for you and your immune system.

While they may effectively destroy germs or slow down their growth, they are also known to cause several health problems, leading to side effects that harm your immune system.

The reason why antibiotics can be harmful is that they don’t only destroy the disease-causing bacteria but they also kill the good germs – the good gut bacteria that help with digestion.

They are also often over-prescribed for infections that they are ineffective on and non-essential use of antibiotics can lead to drug resistance.

How do antibiotics work?

Antibiotics kill and stop bacterial reproduction either by interfering with their cell wall formation, cell content or reproduction processes. Taking antibiotics essentially brings down the numbers of bacteria to allow your own immune system more quickly destroy the overgrowth.

However, one of the problems with antibiotics is that antibiotics cannot kill viruses.  Antibiotics do not work against viral diseases because virus and bacteria cells are not formed in the same way. They have different structures and reproduce in different ways.

Should you use antibiotics when you’re sick?

antibiotics kill gut bacteriaAbsolutely, antibiotics save lives. If you need them, you should take them without delay. However, only your doctor knows if they are the right treatment for you, so don’t use them if your doctor didn’t prescribe them for you.

Antibiotics can destroy bacteria but taking antibiotics when you have viral infection can actually cause more damage to your body.

Problems with Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used for killing; they are essentially poisonous, and so, taking too much antibiotics too often can actually harm you.

Your body as well as the germs can become resistant to antibiotics, making them ineffective. When germs become resistant to antibiotics which may cause you to either take stronger medication or increase the dosage to have the same effect.

Taking too many antibiotics too often can become a problem for some people if they have existing health conditions or allergic reaction to some antibiotics. Always ask your doctor before taking antibiotics, especially if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney or liver function problems.

Antibiotic resistance is one of the major problems with antibiotics that medical science is facing around the world today. We are hearing about bacteria that are increasingly becoming resistant to most common antibiotics. This is making treatment of common diseases more difficult. It’s very easy for someone to take small amounts of an antibiotic, non-lethal for the germs, but enough to make them resistant.

We all need to be extra careful when taking antibiotics. Take them only when prescribed by a doctor, do not use them to treat viral infections, common cold or flu and always finish the full course of treatment.

Antibiotics destroy good gut bacteria

antibiotics kill beneficial bacteriaAn average human being has three to four pounds of beneficial bacteria and yeast living within their intestines. These microbes compete for food and nutrients and the stronger and larger this number of good bacteria is, the more able they are to keep the yeast in check.

Good gut bacteria helps us to break down, synthesize and absorb nutrients from the food we eat. It also produces B vitamins.

Another one of the problems with antibiotics is that every time you take antibiotics, you kill the beneficial bacteria, which makes the yeast thrive in your gut. When you have less good bacteria and more yeast, yeast can grow in large colonies, leading to several stomach problems. You may feel sick to your stomach, bloated, nauseous and have diarrhea and so on. It is believed that destruction of gut bacteria also leads to obesity.

“Yeast can literally use their tendrils, or hyphae, to literally poke holes through the lining of your intestinal wall.” – Doug Kaufmann | mercola.com

Recent studies also suggest that there may be a correlation between the essential gut bacteria and mental health.

“Studies have linked the gut micro biome to a range of complex behaviors, such as mood and emotion, appetite and satiety, and even learning and memory. Not only does the gut micro biome appear to help maintain brain function, but it may also influence the risk of psychiatric and neurological disorders, including anxiety, depression and autism” says Lindsay Borthwick, writer and contributor of Live Science.

Your Immune System Fights Bacteria

Studies have also shown that many of the bacterial infections commonly thought to need antibiotics to fight, your own immune system is able to fight on its own. Antibiotics may speed up the destruction of bacteria by a couple of days. But, given the consequences, you should consider waiting to use them only when you are unable to adequately destroy them yourself.

The strength of your immune system is of course essential in your ability to destroy bacteria, so you would be far better off focusing on fortifying your immune system rather than taking antibiotics.

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