We can never have enough information about health, especially information on how to improve it. There are many risk factors which challenge our health. While we can influence some of them, one risk factor is ever-present. Aging. As we age we become more vulnerable to certain changes in our body. Our brain is possibly the most commonly affected, as well as the most obvious. Declined cognition and memory loss affects millions of Americans as they age and we’ve all heard of dietary adjustments which may help to reduce this. Luckily, a new study has shown that eating grapes & blueberries together significantly reduces memory loss. And, actually… it does a bit more. A study from a group of researchers aimed to examine how the combination of the grapes and blueberries can actually have a greater effect than eating grapes alone.


This study points out the fact that grapes are rich in phytonutrients. Unfortunately, we can’t find all the nutrients within a single variety of grapes, but as a group, grapes have around 20 phytonutrients. And blueberries are an excellent choice for boosting the immune system. So what does eating blueberries have to do with grapes? Why does eating grapes & blueberries together significantly reduces memory loss? Is it just because blueberries add more to the already fantastic nutritional benefits of grapes? These are some questions the studies might give us answers to.
Eating Grapes & Blueberries Together Significantly Reduces Memory Loss
When talking about eating different kinds of food, we do not mean only getting a wide variety of nutrients. One very important phenomenon in our nutrition is synergy. Synergy is well known in the pharmaceutical industry; it is the phenomenon where one compound exerts greater effect when combined with another compound. Blueberries are also very rich in phytonutrients, and when combined with grapes, phytonutrients from both fruits provides much better results than when consumed separately.

Eating Grapes & Blueberries Together Significantly Reduces Memory Loss

The study done by an international team of researchers from Quebec and Bordeaux on the combined effect of grapes and blueberry benefits had 215 volunteers, aged 60-70. It was a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized clinical study, that lasted 6 months. In that period, a random group of subjects received a polyphenol-rich extract of grapes and blueberries while others received a placebo. A group of people, who at the beginning showed advanced cognitive decline, responded very well to the grape and blueberry extract. This group also showed better verbal episodic and recognition memory. Another study was performed on mice. Again, polyphenol-rich grape and blueberry extract was used. This study on mice had aimed to show improvements in age-related cognitive decline in mice and it lasted for 14 weeks. This study showed that the combination of blueberry and grape polyphenols prevented learning and memory deficits caused by aging.
After the trials, the mice were found with much higher levels of polyphenols in their blood plasma and brains. The data presented exciting conclusions that daily supplementation of blueberry AND grape extract together improved memory and brain function, as well as neurogenesis – the creation and repair of new brain cells – particularly in the hippocampus, as well as neuro-plasticity, a key marker of age-related neuro-decline. Good News Network

What does this mean?

As we age, our resilience and the ability of our bodies to repair themselves reduces and heal declines. If we found a way to reduce this decline and postpone those changes, not only would we prolong our lives, but dramatically increase quality of life, as well. The fact that eating grapes and blueberries together significantly reduces memory loss is great news for improving life quality. With grapes and blueberries, fruits that are so readily available, aging mice were able to remember where the exit from a maze was, even when the entry was moved. Their brain improved the production of new brain cells and they even lived longer when compared to the group that didn’t receive grape and blueberry extract. Just as our brain health changes with age, so does our immune system health. Our thymus gland is an important part of immunity, but as we age, its function decreases. This is a normal part of aging and even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, this decline happens. BioPro-Plus is a natural supplement which replaces the essential proteins produced by the thymus gland, usually until the age of about 40. When these proteins cease to be produced, many people notice a sudden immune health decline. Replacing these thymic proteins with this supplement is the natural way to improve our immunity. So in order to achieve not only longevity but also quality of life, we need to be healthy physically and mentally. While eating grapes & blueberries together significantly reduces memory loss, BioPro-Plus can help us to fight illness and enjoy our lives to the fullest, no matter what our age.

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