There are many components to a happy and health body. We know that we must nourish our bodies with proper nutrition.  This means not only the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats from the food we eat, but also the proper supplements that give our body what we cannot attain through food alone.  Another major component to good health is getting enough sleep.

There is one part of the equation that if you asked me, where I start on the road to better health, I would reply EXERCISE. While not always easy to start an exercise program after sometimes years of a sedentary lifestyle, once you have begun to exercise regularly, the physical activity will become a natural part of your daily better health routine.

You see if you can exercise regularly and do it with fun and engaging activities, exercise will help boost your physical and mental health. It will also improve your sleep, help you manage your weight, and even help you feel happy, look and feel better. Sounds like something we should start today. Start slow, maybe something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood with a loved one or your dog, which in all likelihood is a loved one. As with any new exercise program it is important to see your qualified health care professional before starting to make sure your body is able to handle the program.

If you already exercise regularly then I don’t have to tell you the benefits, because you already know. If you’re like me you have become addicted to exercise and it will help you on your road to better health. So what do you say, is today the day you decide to do something for YOU, that will change YOUR LIFE?

-By Mike Warren