How Much BioPro-Plus 500™ Should I Take?

BioPro-Plus 500 Immune Boosting SupplementOne of the many questions we are asked about our Immune Boosting Supplement, BioPro-Plus 500™ is how many vial sets do I need to take in order to help my immune system run at its optimum level? There is no simple answer to this question, because everyone’s immune system is different. Those who use BioPro-Plus 500™ range from people wanting to take extra care of their immune function to those who have a low immune system.

There are basically 4 different levels and it is up to you to decide which is appropriate for your situation.

Level 1

You are in good health and just want to keep your immune system revved up. One vial set per week may be sufficient. If you are in Level 1, you only need to order one box per month.

Level 2

You enjoy good health and are over 50 years old; you may need to take two vial sets per week, on Monday and Friday for example. Once you are over 50 your thymus gland is secreting little to none of the specific proteins that may help your immune system perform at optimal response levels. In this level you will need to order two boxes for a one month supply.

Level 3

At this level your immune system has been compromised and you are fighting a chronic disease or even a very severe case of flu or bacterial infection and may need more BioPro-Plus 500™ which might help your body’s immune system fight more effectively. If you are in this level you may need to take 3 vial sets per week, for instance Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In this case you will need to order 3 boxes to equal a month’s supply.

Level 4

This level is for anyone who may have a severely compromised immune system either because you are fighting a very serious disease or your immune system has been impacted by protocols that reduce or damage your immune response. At this level you may need to take one vial set every other day. At this level you will need to order 4 boxes to equal a month’s supply.

BioPro-Plus for a Low Immune System

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