What’s on your mind today? Psychologists estimate that we think an average of 3,000 thoughts per hour. This begs the question: Are these thoughts supporting your journey towards a healthier body, a stronger immune system, and a positive approach to the stressful, unsure times that many of us are experiencing right now? You can use healthy affirmations to shift your mindset, evolve your emotional energy, and experience a new sense of inner peace and trusted confidence in your own health, vitality and success.

What Are Affirmations?

healthy affirmations

Healthy affirmations are simply phrases, positive mantras or quotes that remind you of your inner truth and true health.

New Age teachers and New Thought leaders brought affirmations and mantras to the forefront of North American pop culture.

More recently, a growing body of research shows how powerful affirmations can be for everyone.

According to Arizona State University, using positive affirmations literally rewires how we process our thoughts and emotions, and changes the actual structure of our brains.

“Much like exercise, [affirmations] raise the level of feel-good hormones and push our brains to form new clusters of ‘positive thought’ neurons,” the university explains. 

And that’s where the profound benefits come from in terms of our health, our wellness, our immune system and our approach to the many problems and challenges we may face in this world.

Example benefits to regularly using positive affirmations and peaceful mantras include:

1. Less stress

Find inner peace and better cope with stress by using healthy mantras.

A 2013 study found that self-affirmations buffer chronic stress and improve our problem-solving skills during difficult times of life.

Chronic stress damages our immune system.

Plus, stress about current issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, social shutdowns and politics require clear thinking and adequate problem-solving, showing the two-pronged benefits of affirmations today.


2. Increased optimism about your wellness, your immune system and your health outcomes

With the 24/7 media coverage focused on disasters and diseases, it’s easy to feel burdened by the emotional weight of the world. But that doesn’t serve our highest selves, nor does worrying about our health improve our actual health. 

Similar to dealing with stress, affirmations can help. Leena Guptha, the academic dean at the Pacific College of Health, reports that researchers recently studied the impact that affirmations had on nearly 400 cancer survivors. Using affirmations to increase their optimism about their health resulted in “better health, greater happiness, hopefulness and lower likelihood of cognitive impairment,” says Guptha.

3. Better health choices

healthy mantras

A healthy mantra is similar to meditating on the flame of a candle. It gives you something to focus on when your thoughts turn fearful or negative.

Affirmations can either support or deconstruct our habits. Negative affirmations, such as “I have always struggled with my weight” or “I always catch a cold,” result in habits, behaviors and choices that affirm the result you’re expecting (i.e. you’re creating self-fulfilling prophecies). For instance, if you believe you’ll get sick, you may invest less time and effort in healthy eating, nutritional supplements and hand-washing, which in turn results in you catching a cold. 

However, positive affirmations that encourage confidence in your health, trust in your immune system, and investment in healthy choices can in turn push you towards healthy choices and behaviors that actually improve your odds against disease, illness, fatigue, etc.

Why We Need Affirmations Today

As you can see, we can use affirmations to help us better manage our modern stress, our fears around disease and global pandemics, and the problems and challenges that arise in daily life.

Put simply, affirmations are simply statements that remind us of our inner truth:

  • Our body wants to care for us.
  • Our immune system is equipped to heal us.
  • Our universe desires the best for us, even when it doesn’t look that way.

We don’t have control over most situations in our lives, but we do have control over our reactions, our choices, our behaviors and our thoughts. By changing our thoughts, we change our reactions and thus create the optimal environment for health, healing and vibrant wellness and fitness.

10 Healthy Mantras You Can Use Today

The following are just a few examples to help you understand the approach that an affirmation can take. Feel free to use these today, or craft a custom mantra or affirmation that deals with the specific worries, fears or health challenges you may have right now.

  1. My immune system knows how to heal my body, and it’s doing that right now.
  2. My mind and body are strong and can cope with disease, stress, and anything else the world throws at me today.
  3. Yesterday and tomorrow are just a fleeting memory and today is all that matters. Today, I am filled with vibrant health. 
  4. I honor my body’s inner wisdom, and will listen for cues so I can provide it with what it needs to keep me healthy.
  5. Sickness is a part of life’s journey, and I believe in trusting my body’s process to make me whole.
  6. Gratitude and healing flows through me, and my body can feel it.
  7. I have everything I need today to be happy and healthy.
  8. Creative energy flows me and will help me tackle any worries I have today.
  9. Every system and part of my body can easily tackle the tasks it needs to do, and I will let my body do what it needs to do.
  10. I deserve health, happiness and success, and what I need will be provided when I need it.

The example 10 mantras and affirmations are just the beginning. If you want to explore this further, we invite you to download our FREE AFFIRMATION GUIDE that will walk you through more affirmations to help you heal and face your health worries. 


healthy affirmations

Start each morning by thinking about your healthy affirmation, or journaling your healthy mantra, so you begin each day with confidence and trust in your own health, your own wellness, and your own body.

Choose a mantra or affirmation that resonates with you, and simply start each day with this mantra in mind.

Then, repeat it to yourself whenever you find negative thoughts, fears or worries creep into your mind. 

You may also find it helpful to set a reminder every day for the next three weeks.

Researchers have found that it takes 21 days of practice to make something a new habit.

Soon, this new affirmation habit will feel effortless and natural as you rewire your brain and embody the positivity and health outcomes you desire.