Cancer is a deadly killer disease; there is no doubt about it. It causes millions of people to suffer around the world every year. Can a simple cancer prevention diet help you fight cancer?

To find cancer fighting foods, you don’t need to look any further than your local grocery store. An anti-cancer diet can be an effective cancer prevention strategy, constructed with foods that are readily available around you. Some foods are known to reduce your risk of cancer according to the American Cancer Society. They recommend eating at least five servings of healthy fruits and vegetables every day. However, no single food is enough to fight cancer alone.

“All the studies on cancer and nutrition point to eating plant-based foods for their phytonutrients and other special compounds,” – Richard Béliveau, PhD, chair in the prevention and treatment of cancer, University of Quebec. 

5 Foods that Reduce your Risk of Cancer

Researchers have found that certain foods may be helpful in fighting cancer. They are known to boost your immune system and protect you against cancerous cell growth. Below we will discuss 5 foods that help reduce the risk of cancer if you include them in your daily meals.

1. Broccoli: 

broccoli We have talked about how healthy broccoli is, in many of our blogs. But, is broccoli really good enough to prevent cancer? “The answer is yes” Says Elizabeth Lee of WebMD Magazine.

Broccoli falls under the same category of vegetable such as kale, cauliflower, and cabbage. All of these vegetables contain cancer fighting properties. But only broccoli has sizable amounts of compounds that can effectively prevent cancer. For example, sulforaphane is a potent compound found in broccoli which is known to boost the protective and cancer fighting enzymes in our body and flush out the potential cancer causing elements.   

2. Garlic:

Garlic belongs to the Allium family, along with onions, chives, scallions, and leeks. They all share a common trait. According to a report by the American Institute for Cancer Research, vegetables belonging to Allium family may protect you against stomach cancer. Particularly, garlic may protect you against colon cancer.

3. Nuts:

All nuts are high in selenium, a trace mineral that Reader’s Digest says – “convinces cancer cells to commit suicide.” Nuts are also highly nutritious, and healthy. They help cell repair, protect your DNA cells, and may help prevent many types of cancers, including prostate, colorectal, and lung malignancies, says Harvard University. (Nut consumption reduces risk of death | Harvard Gazette)

4. Berries:

strawberries All berries contain high amounts of cancer fighting antioxidants and phytonutrients. Blackberries, in particular, contain high concentration of anthocyanins, which are phytochemicals known to prevent blood vessels from forming, which potentially feed the cancerous cells, . They slow down the growth of premalignant cells.

5. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes have a high concentration of an antioxidant called lycopene, which helps to protect your DNA cells from damage. You can absorb lycopene easily form tomatoes, even by eating tomato sauces with your food.


Foods play an important role in your health and wellbeing. Something as simple as food can help you fight many different types of cancers, directly or indirectly. It can boost your immune system and helps you fight many other diseases, as well. Just make room for some of the healthy superfoods with your every meal.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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