Brian Brawdy 20 Minute Victories

We are so excited to have Brian Brawdy, host of All Natural Being Radio Show, as a guest on our regular webinars with our own President, Mike Warren, to discuss Immune System health.

Brian shares with us his own health battles and what he has learned about Immune System health, our healthcare system and his decision to approach his recovery from a brain tumor naturally and holistically.

Much of what Brian has learned, helped him to understand the importance of the Immune System to recovery. A friend introduced him to our Immune System supplement, BioPro-Plus, which brought him to us here at Alternative Health Concepts!

We are delighted to be coaching Brian in his natural health journey and his quest to best understand his own immune system health, our area of expertise here at Alternative Health Concepts.

Have a look at the below videos we have done so far and follow us on facebook for the most up-to-date information on when the live sessions with Brian will take place.

20 Minute Victory 1 –Talk with Brian Brawdy about Immune System Health

20 Minute Victory 2 – Talk with Brian Brawdy – Doesn’t your body deserve the very best?

20 Minute Victory 3 – Talk with Brian Brawdy – Health Scare vs Health Care