BioPro-Plus Increases CD4 Counts

A major function of the immune system is surveillance of the cells of the body to ensure they are not abnormal. Malignant cells, cells infected with viruses, and cells from another animal have protein markers, called an antigen, on their outer membrane that act as a signal to the immune system to destroy them. Mutant or cancer cells may occur spontaneously or be induced by certain viruses or chemicals (mutagens). A properly functioning immune system can usually recognize and dispose of such cancer cells by means of a process called cell mediated immunity cascade. (Fig. 2.) Malfunction, or dysfunction of this process can result in development of cancer, viral, fungal or other infection.1

Central to proper function of cell mediated immunity is the Helper Cell (aka. T4, CD4 cell or lymphocyte). Sufficient numbers of healthy, properly functioning CD4 cells act to orchestrate the complex and delicate interaction of the cells, glands and organs that compose the human immune system. In the case of the CD4 cell orchestrate means to perform surveillance until a foreign antigen is found, then begin a cascade of events which results in the destruction of the targeted bad cell.

CD4 progenitor cells are born in the bone marrow. They emerge immature, have all the characteristics of healthy CD4 cells but they cannot fully function until they migrate to the thymus gland to be “programmed” or activated by thymic proteins (Fig. 1). Once activated, they travel throughout the body performing their surveillance activity. When a foreign antigen is detected, the cascade begins. The CD4 cell produces interleukin and interferon proteins that direct CD8 killer cells to the site of the foreign cell and destroy it by attaching to it and poisoning with proteins called cytokines. (Fig. 3) CD4 cells then direct CD8 suppressor cells to inhibit the killer cells after the destruction is complete and macrophage cells to clean up the cells debris left from the immune response. This cascade of events is called the Cell Mediated Immune Response and it all depends upon a sufficient number of healthy activated CD4 Lymphocytes.

In humans the thymus gland is largest during adolescence and then begins to atrophy or shrink until by about age 40 or so, it produces only small amounts of protein. Without the programming mechanism of the thymic proteins there are a smaller number of activated CD4 cells resulting in a suppression of the immune response. CD4 counts can also be reduced by stress, trauma, environmental exposure, disease and treatment of some diseases. Recent research has concluded that in HIV infected people, a lower CD4 count makes a person more susceptible to non-HIV cancers.2 Similar research has concluded that the same is true in cancer patients.3 Low CD4 counts result in higher incidents of cancer and a higher morbidity rate in patients with low CD4 counts. 3

Thymic proteins have been studied for decades and have been clinically proven to stimulate CD4 cell activity. Oral preparations of thymic extracts are widely available and used as nutritional supplement and are more or less useful in producing favorable results. The best thymus supplements available are composed of purified biologically active thymic protein, usually from a bovine source.

BioPro-Plus™ contains biologically active purified thymic proteins varying from 10,000 to 50,000 Daltons plus zinc gluconate. Through a gentle biological process, the thymic proteins in BioPro-Plus™ are derived from thymus cells, and then purified as intact biomolecules which have biological activity. BioPro-Plus™ is clinically proven to increase CD4 cell counts. Zinc gluconate has been clinically proven to shorten the duration of infection from the common cold virus.5 BioPro-Plus™ is clinically proven to increase CD4 cell counts.6

BioPro-Plus™ is available in packages of two vials to combine, one containing 500 mcg of purified Thymic Proteins and 650 mcg Zinc Gluconate, with the second vial containing 4 cc Silver Solution. For administration, the two vials are mixed together and swished in the mouth for around 2 minutes, or longer, before swallowing. BioPro-Plus™ has been used for over 18 years by individuals to maintain good health, help avoid and shorten the duration of the common cold, the flu, and by people receiving chemotherapy. BioPro-Plus™ is easy to take and has no known side effects.


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