WE ARE Alternative Health Concepts®

Alternative Health Concepts®, founded by Dr. Herbert Warren and Mike Warren, is a group of dedicated researchers. Our mission is to help heal the world naturally by searching out the latest information and methods of optimal alternative health. We also want to provide the most efficient products available in the market today.

Alternative Health Concepts® is committed to finding alternative ways to heal our bodies from the ravages of our environment, over the counter drugs, and our nutrient deficient modern day diets. All AHC products are all natural and come from the purest sources on earth.

Dr. Warren & Mike Warren

Dr. Herbert Warren

CEO & Co-founder

Helping animals and people to attain a better quality of life has been a most satisfying part of my many years as a healthcare practitioner.

More and more the two professions, medical and veterinary, are coming together to solve the many common problems that are consistent within different species. It is so important to increase the immune system so the body can heal itself more efficiently in conjunction with the many patent medicines being used currently.

I am so pleased to have been involved in this project that has had benefits to the physical wellbeing of humans and animals; the one of a kind Cell Mediated Immune Modulator we called BIOPRO-PLUS™ (human product) and BIOEQUALIZER™ (horse product).

It has proved to be invaluable to improve the health and restore immune function in almost everyone that follows the protocol.

This product has been my passion for many years because of the lives I have seen it change in ways not dreamt possible at the time.

Many souls that have come to us with the advice from their doctor “I cannot do anything more for you”, have seen almost miraculous life changing benefits from BIOPRO-PLUS™ and BIOEQUALIZER™ that provided a quality of life beyond their expectations.

This is what drives me to find more ways to utilize this unique supplement to help others enjoy a better quality life. Read more…

Mike Warren

President & Co-founder

My name is Mike Warren, and I am the President and Co-Founder of Alternative Health Concepts, LLC.

I want to tell you about my greatest passion, which is helping people heal themselves! In the past year I have had two dear friends pass away from this terrible plague called cancer, which is killing 21,918 people every single day worldwide. There has to be a better solution, and that is my NEW PASSION! Seeking out alternative products, treatments, therapies and lifestyles that help the body to heal, and share them with you.

That is what Alternative Health Concepts® is all about, and our unique immune modulating supplement BIOPRO-PLUS™ and BIOEQUALIZER™ is one piece of the puzzle to getting YOU back on the road to wellness.

If you only remember one concept from this bio, remember that “No doctor has ever cured anyone of any disease! The only thing that can CURE disease is YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!”

If you are ready to get back to optimal health, we help you find the products that will help heal your ailment and get you on the road to wellness. Read more…

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