Since the beginning of time, mankind has been running after inner peace, or versions of peace; gratification, satiation of thirst or carnal hungers, very often pursuing the wrong theory of peace.

Inner peace, is keeping your spirit intact.

Inner peace is having your mind, conscience and emotions on the same page.

Inner peace is having faith.

Inner peace is following your core values.

Inner peace is optimism.

Inner peace is the sense of being whole.

Most importantly, inner peace in its true essence can never be completely achieved. In the pursuit of inner peace, to quote an old saying: it is not so much the destination, as the journey itself.

Here are some primitive and basic ways to discover inner peace:

1) Faith

spiritual peaceMost in this world follow a faith, and that is literal, because even the belief of a supreme divine entity, not existing, is a belief in itself. The point here is – follow your belief. Faith is the most primitive, most practiced and most effective method in the pursuit of inner peace. Follow your faith as it comes to you. Discover it, embrace it. It will lead you to a realm of inner satisfaction.

2) Discover your catharsis

In the blinding haze of life today, finding a calming process is very essential. Discover yourself in the attempt to find what brings you peace. It could be an art form, a sport, something as simple as fixing broken household objects to something as extravagant as mountaineering; it could be building a castle of playing cards, or walking; just that, simple walking. Finding it out and committing to that process is a very credible way to achieve inner peace.

3) Meditation

Meditation is subjective to the person practicing it. Mediation is not necessarily the Chinese tradition per say. Reading a book in a calm place can also be meditation. Or swimming, or breathing in fresh air with one’s eyes closed, early in the morning. Meditation is the most direct pathway to spiritual peace.

4) Channeling out negative energies

The most profound hurdle in achieving spiritual peace is negative energy, or in lay man’s terms; evil. Anger, hatred, jealousy, pessimism, hypocrisy and every other human trait that has led mankind to a decline, is termed as evil. There is no necessary evil in this world. Get rid of all your negative tendencies and channel them in a productive way. For hatred, the only cure is virtue. Everything else mentioned can be used as motivation in the drive to become a better person.

5) The power of Kindness

meditationThe most powerful method of them all is kindness. Inner peace, as the term describes itself, can only be completely acquired with sheer goodness of the heart. The most satisfying and peaceful act in the world is the act that benefits another man. Kind and selfless deeds are the most basic sustenance of mankind. At least one selfless act a day will lead you to that intense spiritual satisfaction that a decade of conventional meditation cannot.

So, create ripples of kindness. Our world could do with a lot of kindness, and when the ripples come back to you, you’ll find yourself out of your web of doubts, at peace and harmony.

We as human beings will always have a place in our hearts for faith and spirituality. It’s a part of human evolution and it gives us ultimate inner peace of mind. We should all embrace the power of spirituality to achieve spiritual peace.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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