Something as simple as your diet can have a profound effect on how you look and feel. Sure the right kind of food will help you stay slim and healthy, but it doesn’t stop there. Food can also help us to look younger and feel more energetic. Many things you may generally consider food can also be applied on your face; yes you could apply some foods directly on your skin to improve how you look!

Foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs and many other foods are full of antioxidants; vitamins and other ingredients that fight wrinkles, rehydrate your skin and take off years from your appearance. There are foods that enhance your health and even fight cancer.

In this article you will find a list of 5 foods, compiled from several experts and dietitians around the web. You will also find a list of links at the end of articles where you can find more details. You can go directly to those links and find out more about these power foods that help you feel happier, look younger, and stay healthier.

5 Foods for Happier, Healthier and Younger looking You!

Below is the list of 5 foods for a younger and healthier you. Our list is not in any particular order of preference, so feel free to pick any of your favorite foods and try them yourself.  

1. Lemon Juice:health food

Lemon Juice is great to apply to your skin. Some of the benefits of lemon juice on your skin include:

  1. It can heal acne because of its natural antibacterial properties, also preventing future acne breakouts.
  2. It is a natural exfoliant for your skin, the citric acid acts as a gentle “skin peel” that removes the top layer of dead skin cells. When used regularly, this will result in a smooth complexion.
  3. It will diminish scars and age spots.
  4. Brightening or lightening of the skin, moisturizing and toning oily skin and fighting wrinkles.

Application of lemon juice is often best done at bedtime so that you leave the juice on the skin overnight. Please note, lemon juice may be irritating to some people, so be sure to dilute the juice with water before applying it to your skin. Click here to find out more.

2. Orange:

As a source of Vitamin C, oranges are good for our health, but, they are also one of the vital ingredients for many skin-care products. They have the ability to improve your skin tone, color and texture. They also retain collagen in your body which helps in skin firming and prevents early aging of your skin. Not only this, they also help to reduce wrinkles and soften your skin which will give you a much younger look. Moreover, oranges remove the dead skin cells, clean the pores and help in reducing acne. They are also used in spas for skin polishing. Lastly, oranges also contain Vitamin A which protects your skin from sun damage and cancer. Visit this site to find more information on benefits of orange on skin.

3. Peaches

peachesPeaches are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; the fruit goes a long way in invigorating your skin. Peaches are a good source of proteins and contribute towards tissue repair. As a great source of Vitamin C, peaches help to remove dark circles and blemishes. As peaches are loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, beta carotene, potassium, magnesium, and selenium, they help to protect the skin from hazardous ultraviolet rays. Follow the link to learn more about Benefits Of Peaches: Skin And Health Benefits Of Eating Peaches

4. Olive Oil:

The omega 6 fatty acids in Olive oil keep skin supple. Use this in moderation though as it is also calorie-dense. It is great for skin both internally and externally. Adding olive oil to your beauty routine will provide immense benefits to your skin, hair, and nails. Here are some of the olive oil skin benefits you may find surprising:

  1.  Antioxidant Protection
  2.  Doesn’t Clog Pores
  3.  Enhances Exfoliation
  4.  General Beauty Booster

(For more information visit: Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin – Global Healing Center)

5. Oats:

Steel-cut oats are less processed than other varieties, so they retain more vitamins. Plus, it takes longer to break down in your body, which helps keep your blood sugar stable. This is important because studies found that spiked blood sugar elevates your body’s level of androgens; hormones that can contribute to wrinkles. Oats are also exceptionally good for skin healing. If you would like to learn more visit 13 Best Benefits and Uses Of Oats For Skin, Hair And Health.

Premature aging is a symptom of a poorly-functioning immune system. To build your immune system is your best defense! For many of us, dietary and lifestyle changes aren’t enough to restore a damaged immune system and supplementation is necessary. Read our complete guide: The Secrets to Immune System Recovery, our free article for all of our tips for boosting your immune system to best fight disease. Click here to download it now!

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