Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition affecting more than 10 percent of adults and 25 percent of children across the world. It is also one of the most common skin ailments arising due to abnormalities of the immune system. The dysfunctions of the immune system form the common causes of eczema as well as other skin ailments such as psoriasis, and dermatitis.

We will discuss how an improperly functioning immune system can result in these skin diseases in this series of articles. We will begin by understanding the immunological causes of eczema.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is an inflammatory disorder characterized by itchy, and scaly lesions on different parts of the skin. These lesions often cause cracks in the outer barrier of the skin thus exposing the patient to infections.

Patients also develop other symptoms such as intense redness of the skin, and tiny blisters filled with a clear fluid or pus over the elevated plaques. Let us have a look at the role of the immune system in the development of these symptoms and causes of eczema.

What are the immunological risk factors and causes of eczema?

Impairs skin barrier

Researchers have discovered the role played by the immune system in the causes of eczema that result in the development of a dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. An improperly functioning immune system triggers an abnormal response to an allergen or irritant such as chemicals in cosmetics, or even a dry weather.

As a result, there is an alteration in the lipids naturally present in the skin. These altered lipids cause the skin to crack due to which there is a loss of water from the deeper layers of the skin. It also results in the entry of irritants, allergens, and pathogens through the skin thus resulting in the development of eczematous lesions.

These findings have proven that the loss of the protective skin barrier due to the abnormal immune system response is primarily responsible for triggering the causes of eczema.

Defective innate immune system

Defects in the innate immune system have been found to be associated with the causes of eczema. The chronic inflammatory changes in the skin caused due to this condition are linked to a faulty reaction of the innate immune system.

The reaction may involve a reduction in the antimicrobial peptides, and a reduced collection of the innate immune cells such as PMNs, and NK cells at the affected site.

Research studies have also revealed that an improperly functioning innate immune system can increase the risk of infections by Staphylococcus aureus, vaccinia virus, and herpes simplex virus. These infections can worsen the skin symptoms in the eczema patients.

The results of this study have pointed to the need for an immunological intervention to prevent the causes of eczema in order to protect the skin against the abnormal reaction of the innate immune system.


Immune system dysregulation

The chronic nature of eczema and the inflammatory changes occurring in the skin due to it are also associated with other immunological disorders. Clinical research studies have revealed that structural abnormalities in the epidermal layer of the skin, as well as immune dysregulations, are responsible for the causes of eczema.

These factors also contribute to the development of other skin diseases such as allergic dermatitis, and psoriasis, as well as asthma, and seasonal allergies. Hence, it is essential to take steps to regulate the functions of the immune system to obtain relief from eczema symptoms and prevent the risk of other immunological diseases.

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Regular use of BioPro-Plus is also recommended to control the immunological causes of eczema as well as prevent the development of other skin diseases associated with the immune system dysregulation like psoriasis and dermatitis.

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