Hello and welcome to another top 5 alternative health sites countdown. This week, we have a very popular and often debated topic. Our topic for this week’s countdown is Homeopathy.

We have another great countdown this week following our last week’s countdown on holistic health sites. As mentioned earlier, our topic today is homeopathy. Many of you are already familiar with homeopathy; it’s one of the most commonly used alternative treatment options around the world. As always, our countdown is based on Alexa ranking and quality of the sites.

Top 5 Homeopathy Sites by Alexa Ranking

Homeopathy is a well-known alternative system of complementary medicine. Many of you may already know this method of treatment. If you have used this method of treatment, you already know that this treatment option uses small dosage of medicine made with natural substances.

Although it’s widely used and accepted throughout the world, it’s often debated and put under scrutiny by mainstream medicine practitioners. Nonetheless, it’s used in many countries of the world and most importantly, many people have benefited from homeopathy treatment. Today, we have the top five homeopathy sites that show us what homeopathy is all about. Hope you’ll enjoy our selection below.  

Site # 5: Homeorizon

homeopathy Homeorizon is a noncommercial homeopathic portal for practitioners, students, and the general public. It’s a great place to learn about the basics of homeopathy and health care in general. It covers a lot of ground with articles, remedies, clinical tips, and much more.

Articles we like from Homeorizon


Site # 4: Homeopathic Educational Services

The Homeopathic Educational Services is owned by Dana Ullman, MPH, who is  regarded as “the Leading Proselytizer of Homeopathy” by Times Magazine. He is a devoted homeopathy practitioner, who speaks at medical schools and universities regularly. He has authored 10 books and has contributed to many homeopathy text books, and writes regularly on the Huffington Post’s homeopathy column.

Articles we like from Homeopathic Educational Services

Site # 3: International Academy of Classical Homeopathy


The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) is a homeopathy learning center based in Greece. It allows you to attend on-campus classes or learn homeopathy though their E-learning Program. Professor George Vithoulkas is the main teacher and founder of this institute. This is a great place to find resources including articles, books, and research on homeopathic medicine. They also have many videos, audios and infographics for the teaching purposes of its visitors.  

Articles we like from The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) 


Site # 2: Dr.Homeo

Dr.Homeo is another resourceful site on homeopathy. This site was put together by Dr. Vikas Sharma, MD. He was born in a family where homeopathy is almost like a family tradition. His father, grandfather and his great grandfather were also practicing homeopathic doctors. He offers online homeopathic services and also shares his knowledge through his articles.

Articles we like from Dr.Homeo

Site # 1: HPathy

homeopathy Our #1 site this week is HPathy. This site is one of the largest online homeopathy portals that provide a large number of services to its users. It’s a great site for training and learning about homeopathy.  This site allows you to learn about homeopathy with its knowledgebase, articles, and free professional content. It has audio and video resources, an online library, and it also publishes a very popular monthly e-Journal called “Homeopathy 4 Everyone” which you can subscribe to.

Articles we like from HPathy


Hope these sites will be helpful for you in learning and clearing some of the misconceptions associated with homeopathy. They will also help you to find remedies and online help. Some of these sites offer online learning programs as well. Make sure to take advantage of these informative sites.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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