This is going to be another great Top 5 Alternative Health Sites of the Week countdown because we have an unusual topic for you in this issue, it’s Fasting and Cleansing.

Hello everyone. We are back with another countdown of carefully selected sites. Every week, we pick a category from the alternative health world and highlight fives sites based on quality and Alexa ranking.

We are picking our categories in alphabetical order. You might have noticed that our last week’s countdown topic was Energy Healing. This week, we have another unusual healing method; it’s called Fasting and Cleansing.

Top 5 Fasting and Cleansing Sites

Fasting has been a part of ancient preventive medicine.  Many cultures around the world use fasting in order to lose weight and detox after a long winter.

Modern medicine also believes that we benefit from fasting because it gives our body a complete break from food. Since most of our energy is used for digestion, we feel more energetic when we fast. Our body is able to burn stored fat and use the extra energy for healing and detoxing itself.

Below we have top five sites on fasting and cleansing:

Site # 5: Chicago Internal Cleansing

fastingChicago Internal Cleansing is a detox and cleansing center that specializes in colon hydrotherapy. This website explains various aspects of detoxing and cleansing through colon hydrotherapy. Make sure to check out their blogs and FAQ section for details on colon hydrotherapy.

Articles we like from Chicago Internal Cleansing

Site # 4: Tanglewood Wellness Center

Tanglewood Wellness Center is a fasting center located in Costa Rica. It’s a resourceful site that contains information on healthy living. It has various forms of resources such as articles, videos, interviews, an online shop, and links.

Articles we like form the Tanglewood Wellness Center


Site # 3: Living Foods Institute

health foodThe Living Foods Institute is a healing and educational center based in Atlanta, Georgia. They are dedicated to helping people heal from simple or complex diseases. They emphasize on the importance of positive thinking and proper nutrition in health.

Articles we like from the Living Foods Institute


Site # 2: FreedomYou

FreedomYou brings you a wealth of information on spiritual and physical health. This website helps you to eat healthy and break away from food addiction. You’ll also find amazing recipes, blogs and nutrition tips on this site.

Articles we like form FreedomYou


Site # 1: TrueNorth Health Center

green teaWe are proud to present the winner of our countdown – TrueNorth Health Center. This website belongs to a health clinic founded by Drs. Alan Goldhamer and Jennifer Marano. This clinic includes a wide variety of alternative treatment methods alongside traditional medicine.  Take advantage of their learning center and free resources.

Articles we like from TrueNorth Health Center


So, what do you think? These are some of the top alternative health sites in the fasting and detox category. Don’t forget to explore these sites and take advantage of the resources available.

Next week, we’ll be back with another countdown in a different category, so hope to see you then, until next time, stay well and stay healthy.

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