Hello everyone and welcome back to our Top 50 Alternative Health Sites countdown. This week, we are going to bring forward 5 more sites from site #30 to site # 26, based on Alexa Ranking.

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Site # 30: National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy is a membership based website and a non-profit association.  This website focuses on a number of holistic treatment options. They aim at educating people about a wide range of complementary healthcare practices including self-care and home pharmacy. 

Blogs we like from National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

Site # 29: HeartMath Institute

alternative healthHeartMath Institute is a membership site, where you’ll find blogs, valuable tools and resources to enhance your life experiences. According to the founders, this site is designed to empower individuals, families, groups or communities, to better recognize and access their intuitive insight and heart intelligence.

Blogs we like from HeartMath Institute

Site # 28:  A Daring Adventure | Life Coach Tim Brownson 

 A Daring Adventure is a very organized, modern looking website, run by Life Coach Tim Brownson. He’s been a life coach for over a decade now, and he has helped people all around the world. His website is easy to navigate, and has free blogs, resources and also consultation rates for your convenience.

Blogs we like from Life Coach Tim Brownson 

Site # 27:  Home Remedies Web

alternative health Home Remedies Web is one of the best places online to find free home remedies, herbal remedies, and natural cures for common illnesses. This site is plain and simple; it has listings for Home Remedies and Natural Health Products in alphabetical order. It also has a Health Articles tab that covers various health and fitness topics.

Blogs we like from Home Remedies Web

Site # 26: Healthy.Net

Healthy.Net is a 24 hour health resource center. It’s a colorful website with a wide range of information on Alternative Health, Wellness and Healthy Living. You’ll find articles and news, healthy products, and also alternative remedies for a wide range of health conditions.  This site has a list of A-Z health conditions, alternative therapies, and even a list of alternative healthcare practitioners.

Blogs we like from Healthy.Net

So that was our Top 5 Alternative Health Sites of the Week. Hope you’ll take advantage of these sites.  Next week we’ll be back with five more equally great sites, so make sure come back and visit our site. Also stick around till the end of our countdown.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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