Hello,  we hope you enjoyed our last week’s Top 5 Alternative Health Sites of the Week Issue # 7. This week we are back with another set of the top 5 alternative health sites.

Alternative health care is so popular today because people have discovered so much more about these treatments and supplements. Alternative health practices of the eastern or western cultures are not so much of a mystery any more.

The health benefits of alternative methods such as yoga, ayurveda, naturopathy, homeopathy, meditation and herbal treatment options are well recognized and often recommended by mainstream or conventional medicine doctors. It is even offered alongside conventional treatment to help the patient relax or heal faster.

Today, we have more treatment options for you  to choose from. Many of these alternative methods can benefit your health when done correctly. These methods can be done  with or without the combination of  conventional medicine.

Here’s this weeks list of alternative sites that will teach  you how to heal yourself with alternative methods.

1. Dr. Ashley Weber Naturopathic Doctor

herbal medicineOur first website of this week is by Dr. Ashley Weber. She is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND)  in the state of California  who focuses on treating children, pregnant mothers, and those with fertility problems. After studying and practicing in Toronto, Canada, she recently relocated to Southern California, where she now sees patients in Burbank. 

Her site is very simple and easy to navigate. You’ll find information on her qualifications, treatment options, services offered and conditions that she treats. Also, there are  a number of blogs on naturopathy, exercises, and information on general health.

Blogs we like from Dr. Ashley Weber 

2. Online Holistic Health

According to the founders, Online Holistic Health is a platform, created to present information related to natural healthcare as an alternative to our current healthcare system. Its  main focus is on  “real preventive care” rather than “disease-care” which our current conventional healthcare system tends to focus on.  This site is designed to help individuals online,  to address their unique healthcare needs.

Dr. Michelle Kmiec is the founder of this site. She took the path of natural treatment because she was diagnosed with a disease which she suffered  from, for 14 years. When she was receiving treatments from a conventional doctor, she was convinced that there had to be a natural treatment to heal her. This was a “life-saving change” for her, as she calls it.  

Blogs we like from Online Holistic Health

3. Nirogam – The Natural Way to Healthhealth food

Blog Nirogram is a natural health site from the heart of the mysterious India. Nirogam provides information on natural healing processes, blog articles on the best ayurvedic medicine, herbal cure & natural home remedies for various disease treatments online.

This is a great site for learning about traditional Indian herbs, herbal treatments, and also great for blogs and articles on general health. You will find blogs and articles on lifestyle, and also on topics like men’s health, skin care, and a wide variety of herbal and alternative treatment options and methods.  

Blogs we like from Nirogam

4. The Medicine Woman’s Roots

Kiva Rose, the owner of the website The Medicine Woman’s Roots, is a folk herbalist.  According to her,   “folk herbalism is the people’s medicine, tried and true, shaped by the land, driven by the healthcare needs of its inhabitants, and handed down through the generations by mouth and pen.”  

Most of her knowledge comes from her family, her traditional background and her exposure to a wide variety of cultures and people. She has experience in different cultures ranging from rural to suburban, and her website reflects all of her knowledge. She also has a number of guest blog posts and books from experts.

Blogs we like form The Medicine Woman’s Roots

5. Ian Kelley – Personal Trainer

meditationIf you are into bodybuilding and are looking for an online personal trainer, Ian Kelly is just the right website for you. This website is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, without leaving the comfort of your home. He has several videos and training programs to put you on the “right path” of physical training. You will find articles and blogs on nutrition, fitness and exercise routines, and also plenty of motivational images on this website.

Blogs we like from Ian Kelly

Hope you enjoyed our collection of alternative health sites of the week. We’ll be back with more blogs on health and fitness, so please check back with us often. If you liked our blog, please leave a message below or visit our Facebook page, share our posts and tell your friends about us, we’d really appreciate it. Until next time, stay well and stay healthy!

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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