Hello everyone, we are back with another set of five sites.

Every week we try to bring some sites forward that have lots of resources for learning about alternative medicine, just like our previous Top 5 Alternative Health Sites of the Week Issue #4.

Ancient methods like yoga, ayurveda, and meditation are useful tools for boosting your immune system and overall health, and they are as relevant today as they were in ancient times. We have selected sites based on the value of their links, videos, and articles.

Let’s have a look at these top 5 blogs that will give you some valuable information!

1. Worldwide Health

appleWorldwide Health is a simple and yet effective site that is packed with news, reviews, health information, products and blog articles on alternative health treatment options, and also information on complementary health.

Blogs we like from Worldwide Health

2. Mary Vance, NC – Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Mary Vance, the owner of the site Mary Vance, NC  is a holistic nutritionist practicing in the San Francisco bay area, who has poured her knowledge into this site. After graduating from Emory University in Atlanta, with Sociology & Philosophy double major, she became a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

Mary’s philosophy is simple: eat real food!  She uses an holistic approach in treating disease with functional holistic nutrition that takes the physical, mental and emotional state of a person into consideration.  

Blogs we like from Mary Vance, NC

3. Herb Mentor

kayleIf you are passionate about learning herbal medicine, Herb Mentor  is the place you should start.

This site is packed with herbal courses, resources and products that you will find really helpful. You will be able to join an herbal community and learn from their free content and shared knowledge as well.

The blogs we like from the Herb Mentor 

4. Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama is a full-time housewife but that’s not all, she specializes in nutrition, journalism and communications. The whole reason for her opening up in this website is to help others achieve optimal health and wellness, just like her name suggests.

She has helped hundreds of clients to improve health, gain performance, and lose weight with her alternative methods of nutrition and “Wellness Lifestyle.”

Blogs we like from Wellness Mama

5. Queen of Green

Queen of Green is run by Eileen, who is a Homeopathic Consultant and Makeup Artist from Pennsylvania. A negative incident in her life motivated her to become the Queen of Greens.

After suffering the negative effects of consuming processed, chemical-laden foods, she started finding natural ways to improve her body and mind. Today, she’s a homeopathic consultant certified in plant-based nutrition based in beautiful Pennsylvania. 

Blogs we like from Queen of Green

holisticSo, there you have it, our top 5 alternative health sites of the week!

As always, the blogs offered here are written by experienced alternative health practitioners and medical doctors who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge. We hope you find some of these articles, videos and demonstrations helpful and that they benefit your health and overall wellbeing!

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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