Hello, we’re back with our Top 5 Alternative Health Sites of the Week countdown. As part of our top 50 alternative health sites based on Alexa Ranking, we’ll be presenting you sites #45 to # 41 in this issue.

In our previous issue, we started our top 50 alternative health site countdown, and we had counted down from site #50 to # 46. In this issue, we are going to continue with our countdown and here we have alternative health sites #45 to # 41, based on Alexa Ranking.

Site #45: Henriette’s Herbal Homepage

Henriette’s Herbal Homepage is one of the oldest and comprehensive herbal medicine sites on the internet. It’s a very simple looking website owned by Henriette Kress, an herbalist in Helsinki, Finland. She was introduced to herbs through her grandmother. Later on in 1998 she attended SWSBM and became a member of AHG  (American Herbalists Guild).

This site has a huge database of herbs, articles, blogs, plant names and pictures. There are also external links, knowledge about Botany and also products that you can buy from this site.

Articles we like from Henriette’s Herbal Homepage

Site #44: What Doctors Don’t Tell You

What Doctors Don’t Tell You is an online monthly health magazine which publishes the latest healthcare news, information on alternative medicine and complementary therapies. You’ll also find solutions to several health conditions, practitioners, community, blog posts, forum, and an online store on this website. However, you do have to sign up for a free membership to view the blogs.

Articles we like from What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Site #43:Massage Mag: Online Continuing Education, Insurance, Self Care Tips

alternative pain treatmentMassage Mag: Online is a great site for learning about massage therapy. They have an extensive knowledge base and resource center on this website, with latest news, videos, techniques and research.

Blogs we like from Massage Mag:

Site #42: Dherbs – Herbal Supplements

Dherbs is a really helpful site for finding useful herbal supplements. These supplements are designed to help people obtain optimal health that can be achieved from within the body. Your body has a natural defense system that can be properly stimulated and strengthened through herbal supplements. This site has products and articles to help you improve your health.

Sites we like from Dherbs – Herbal Supplements

Site #41: International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

homeopathInternational Academy of Classical Homeopathy is a site dedicated to the teaching of Homeopathic Medicine. This site has in-depth and detailed information on homeopathy. The site includes books, multimedia, research work, articles, courses, E-learning materials, and much more.

Blogs we like from International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

Hope you enjoyed our countdown of alternative health sites from site #45 to site #41. We will continue our countdown to the top. See you in our next issue!

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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