The weather outside might be getting frightful, but that could pose delightful for your health and wellness. In fact, a growing body of evidence shows how exposure to cold temperatures (i.e., cold therapy) can bring about a diverse array of benefits for your immune system, mood, and more!

What is Cold Therapy?

True cryotherapy involves exposing your body to temperatures as low as −110° to −140°C for very brief periods of time.

It first began to rise in prominence among elite athletes, such as Olympic sprinters and competitive swimmers, but is now being embraced by the general population and more and more medical experts. For example, the National Cancer Institute is investigating cold therapy as a way to treat specific forms of cancer.

There are less “intense” forms of cold therapy, as well, such as ice baths and cold showers. But why exactly would you want to subject yourself to such uncomfortable temperatures?

It turns out, there are some surprising benefits to cold therapy.

Benefits of Cold Therapy

1. Improved Immune System

Exercise is good and bad for your immunity, warns researchers:

  • Pros: It flushes bacteria and viruses out of your body
  • Pros: It boosts the circulation of your immune system’s killer cells
  • Cons: Excessive exercise can stress and weaken your immune system

This is why athletes, including casual weekend warriors, may want to use cold therapy. Cold temperatures stimulate your body’s leukocytes (illness-fighting immune cells). In fact, people who embrace cold therapy use fewer sick days on the job.

It’s a great addition to your BioPro-Plus 500 routine, ensuring your enhanced immune system has all the support it needs during the winter.

2. Reduced Disease Risks

Most disease risks all factor down to your oxidative stress levels. You see, when your body is exposed to free radicals in your diet, environment, and lifestyle, these free radicals damage your cells. If the oxidative stress is not balanced, your risks of numerous chronic diseases (e.g., cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) goes up.

Example sources of oxidative stress include:

  • Smoking
  • Eating excess sugar
  • Drinking excess alcohol
  • Breathing polluted air
  • Eating a poor diet

Research has found that cold therapy results in a significant reduction in oxidative stress.

3. Improved Mood

Winter’s cold, dark days getting you down? Cold showers boost your mood and your emotions by triggering the release of feel-good hormones known as endorphins.

How to Try Cold Therapy Today

You don’t have to overthink it. Cold therapy can be enjoyed by:

  • Taking a cold shower
  • Alternating between hot and cold shower temperatures
  • Jumping into an ice-cold lake
  • Running through the snow
  • Immersing your body in an ice bath




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