Stress is all around us. There is hardly anyone who will deny it. There is a lot of talk about the causes of stress and if we were to speak freely we would probably find only a few things in our modern life that do not produce some kind of stress. Therefore stress management and immune system health have so much in common and are so important that we simply…well, can’t stress it enough.

See? Stress is everywhere.

The psychological aspect of our immune system health has been studied for decades now. There are so many words that can describe the modern world. Fast, urban, dynamic, tiresome…the fact is, the modern world we live in is very demanding. It is demanding physically and especially psychologically. Even before we step outside the door we are beginning to stress and do from the moment we wake up.

We as humans are a social group and we all have and need, to some extent, social interaction. That interaction is on the street, in traffic, at work, within the family, at school, etc.

And what often happens during these interactions is the creation of feelings, both positive and negative. We don’t have to be close to someone to be offended or even hurt by someone. And what happens is that we often create and preserve a lingering mix of emotions like anger, hate, disappointment (especially with ourselves), or to put it simply – stress.

Holding a grudge

We all know what a grudge feels like. Having those claws at the back of our neck, constantly putting pressure on us.. that mental tensions that feeds on problems in every our day lives.

We often and repeatedly remember situations that are the source of those feelings, and then we go through all those emotions again and again. Those emotions and stress can seriously affect our health and immune system.

Once upon a time, when humans were a young race of hunters and gatherers, stress would provoke a fight or flight reaction. That reaction, tied to hormones like adrenalin and cortisol, helped us survive. But today, we are talking about chronic stress.

Some sources of stress, can be moved away from, thus eliminating it. If the stress is related to work, there are holidays or even the option to change jobs. But what if we can’t escape from stress? What if stress is being manufactured daily in our own minds?

What happens if we are the cause of our stress?

As mentioned earlier, we are social beings. Therefore sometimes we get hurt, or we hurt someone else. Whichever the direction that hurt goes, we are at the receiving end. By holding a grudge against ourselves or some else we actually put ourselves in a stressful situation which can last for days, weeks and sadly even years.

During this period our body suffers as well as our mind. The systems that were once saving our lives are now attacking it because they are in overdrive mode.

In this mode, as mentioned in www.adrenalfatiguesolution.com, stress affects our immune system in two ways:

  • creating chronic inflammation
  • suppressing immune cells’ ability to fight infection

By suppressing the immune system, we mean that the increased production of cortisol which has been called a “stress hormone” lowers the amount of protein which the body uses to signal other immune cells. Cortisol actually helps the body to fight off infection, but only if present when needed. If it is at high levels all the time, the cells we need to protect us from infection become immune to cortisol. Therefore the number of B-cells and T-cells decreases.

This is why it is so essential to recognize the stress management and immune system health correlation.

By suppressing the immune system, we open the gate to infections, and many other disorders such as heart disease, migraines, ulcers and especially cancer.

Stress management and the immune system health (1)

What can we do about it?

How can we get away from stress that is within us? Stress management is a big industry in modern society. While there are numerous methods to improve stress levels, there is one thing that we already know…


We need to know when enough is enough, and when it is the time to forgive, both ourselves and others. This is one of the most often forgotten methods of stress management and immune system health.

But if there was ever something easier said than done, forgiveness is it. Sometimes we feel so badly about something or somebody, that we can’t even think about it, let alone find the root of the problem, resolve it and/or simply forgive it.

And while we look to find the strength to forgive, our immune system is disrupted…

I can’t recommend strongly enough the need for you to dig deep and, if for no other reason, give yourself the gift of forgiveness.

If you find that your immune system is still lagging, try the all natural immune boosting supplement Bio-Pro 500, which can stimulate the natural production of T-cells which are an extremely important part of your immune system.

We all know how much strength it requires to practice forgiveness. Being sick will hardly boost our morale and help our mind.

We need to be physically healthy to be mentally healthy, and vice versa. For one part of that equation, we can do and should do something right now.

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