A weak immune system is one of the common causes of sinusitis. An improperly functioning immune system is responsible for the development of this disease. It can also precipitate an attack of acute sinusitis.

Sinusitis is a respiratory disorder caused due to the inflammation in the paranasal sinuses. Paranasal sinuses are the cavities which produce the mucus required for the efficient functioning of the nasal passages.

However, an abnormal response of the immune system can result in inflammation. There is also an excessive production of mucus in these cavities resulting in acute sinusitis. The symptoms of sinusitis include fever, nasal discharge, dizziness and headache. Some patients also experience a sense of heaviness over the sinuses.

Most patients suffer from recurrent attacks of sinusitis or chronic sinusitis. It is due to the repeated exposure to an allergen that triggers an abnormal response of the immune system. Let us have a closer look at the role played by the immune system in the development of acute and chronic sinusitis.

The role of the immune system in triggering the causes of sinusitis

Improperly functioning innate immune cells

Clinical research has revealed that dysregulated inflammation stimulated by the abnormal response of the innate immune system can contribute to the causes of sinusitis. The inflammation in the sinuses results in an excessive production of mucus. It also results in swelling in the sinuses due to which the drainage of excess mucus becomes difficult. This results in the accumulation of mucus in these cavities causing heaviness and headache.

These symptoms of sinusitis occur when an abnormally functioning innate immune system causes an increase in the production of inflammatory substances. The immune system also affects the sino-nasal epithelial cell barrier function and the mucociliary clearance by creating a negative impact on pathogen‐associated molecular patterns.

These consequences contribute to the causes of sinusitis. Hence, the use of supplements that regulate the response of the immune system is advisable to control the symptoms and recurrent episodes of this diseases.

Abnormal host mucosal immune responses

An abnormal host mucosal immune response has been found to be responsible for worsening the causes of sinusitis in most patients. Some studies have indicated that acute sinusitis is triggered due to an infection. There is also an abnormal mucosal immune response of the host to the pathogen. This can prevent the effective destruction of the infective organisms and cause the infection to persist. This can worsen the symptoms of sinusitis and even lead to a chronic inflammatory state.

Also, the failure of the innate and adaptive immune mechanisms to maintain mucosal homeostasis following an exposure to the microorganisms and airborne particulates also contributes to the causes of sinusitis. Hence, including an approach to strengthen and regulate the response of the immune system in the management of sinusitis is recommended.

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Repeated infections

A weak immune system is unable to fight the infective organisms. Repeated infections due to virus or bacteria in the sinuses can result in chronic inflammation due to which the patients may suffer from repeated attacks of sinusitis.

The results of extensive research have also suggested that airborne fungi tend to lodge in the inner mucus lining of the sinuses. This can initiate a hypersensitive immune response in individuals having a weak or abnormal immune system. Thus resulting in the symptoms of sinusitis.

An abnormal reaction of the immune system aimed at causing destruction and elimination of the fungi also results in the damage to the sinus membranes. This can worsen the symptoms of sinusitis. Hence, it is important to regulate the reaction of the immune cells. We need it in order to eliminate the pathogen without causing damage to the mucous membranes of the sinuses.

Patients can obtain significant relief from the symptoms of sinusitis by taking steps to control the response of the immune system. BioPro-Plus is an immunity boosting-supplement that can improve the functions of the immune cells and prevent damage to the sinuses. This supplement also strengthens the immune system. It allows a rapid elimination of harmful microorganisms responsible for causing infections. Watch this video testimonial where a BioPro-Plus user has found relief from his sinusitis using the supplement.

BioPro-Plus offers a natural solution to improving the symptoms of sinusitis. It works by producing a regulatory and strengthening effect on the immune system. It can modify the causes of sinusitis and minimize the frequency and intensity of the attacks of chronic sinusitis.

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