When the temperature continues to climb in the summer, it can become dangerous. To stay safe during the hot summer, here are 5 tips to stay cool!

Being out in the sun can be plenty of fun, but it can also damage your health. When the temperature rises too high, the summer heat should be taken seriously. Below are 5 tips that might be helpful for you, so here are ways to help you stay healthy and safe in the hot summer.  

1. Spend less time in the sun:

Our body has a thermal control system. It keeps itself cool through sweat. When sweat evaporates from our skin, it cools us. However, as the air temperature rises, and if the air is humid, our sweat doesn’t evaporate and it becomes harder to stay cool. Try to spend less time outdoors during a hot summer day, especially when the sun is directly over your head.

2. Avoid junk food:

junk foodWhen it’s extremely hot and humid, you should make every effort to stay cool. Avoid greasy and oily foods as they tend to increase your body temperature. Also avoid foods that cause dehydration and water excretion. High protein, high fat, sugary and excessive salty foods are bad for you. Try eating plenty of fruits.

3. Exercise safely:

When the days get too hot, adjust your workout routine to exercise safely. Body movement will heat up your body even more. On a hot day, try to avoid physical activities as much as possible. Avoid hard workout routines during the day. Either exercise early in the morning or wait until late in the afternoon.

4. Drink water:

Water is the best way to keep body heat under control. Add some lemon in your water for taste. Fruit juices and ice tea can also be great. However, avoid alcoholic beverages and coffee because they will increase your body heat.

5. Take more showers:

drinking waterShowers are one of the best ways to keep your body temperature down. If you don’t have a good air conditioning system, hit the shower, relax in the pool, and take a shower again.


During hot summer weather, our body temperature can rise and cause problems if we don’t keep our body heat under control.  Drink water, eat healthy and stay indoors if you feel that the temperature is too hot outside. If you feel dehydrated or dizzy, drink water to stay safe and hydrated during a hot day.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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