Walking through life, we discover ourselves through various phases; failures, separation, success, happiness, sorrow, vitality, ailments, the presence or absence of knowledge and so on.

But the most potent character-defining occurrence in life just might be the grief of separation from a companion.

Every other grief in the world has less of an impact than to experience that void in life. It is a blessing in disguise and an obvious curse. The curse for obvious reasons, and a blessing in the context that it provides you with a chance to discover who you really are.

Here are some ways to reinvent yourself after an impactful separation, even after all seems dark and gloomy and you think you have no prospects left:

1. Acceptance:

Living in denial can only get you so far. You need to accept that your companion has left and your relationship, your marriage or whatever the label was, is over and done with.

It may seem cruel at the moment but if you do not accept it, you do not progress. Be honest with yourself in setting yourself free of the bonds. Know that it is all psychological, but then again, pain always is.

So the sooner you can create your mindset of not being bound anymore, the sooner you can start working on your own reinvention.

2. Get rid of the baggage:

separationThe material things, locations and especially photographs left by your departed companion are the worst psychological reminders. Make sure you get rid of every single thing that could trigger any form of a strong memory. If that is not possible, make sure it is put out of sight or concealed behind a lot of new things that don’t remind you of anything related to them.

3. Evaluate yourself:

Rate your anguish between the scale of minimum: finding another companion and maximum: therapy sessions. If you are lingering in the in-between, find out your absolutes. What would you want to do to bring yourself down to the minimum? Because that is ultimately the goal; You need to move forward.

If you think therapy is the only solution to your problem, go through with it. Professional help is often a great remedy. So go through with your evaluation as soon as possible to work on a plan. Strategizing your remedial process and make it a reality.

4. Catharsis:

This might have come up on our website quite often before, but that is only because it is the solution to most problems in the world.

Catharsis is finding out your relaxant, to put it in laymen’s terms. An art form, a hobby, a self-evolved therapy or the master of all, religion. Finding and acting out a Catharsis is the most essential element in reinvention.

5. Making your peace with it:

peaceTo move on, you need to make peace with the whole affair and resolve your negative feelings. It wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t beneficial for both parties in the long run and most important of all, you needed to become a better person in the process.

6. Begin to heal a separation:

While the emotional effects of separation are obvious, the physical ones may be the last ones you think of. Upheaval of this magnitude causes tremendous stress to your body and be sure to give yourself a little more TLC, during these times.

Take a good multivitamin, particularly with extra B vitamins, be sure to eat regularly, even when you don’t feel like it, and try to get out in the fresh air for some gentle exercise. Many people find yoga and meditation useful.

Don’t forget to continue your BioPro-Plus supplement, and even take it a little more frequently during trying times. Your immune system is particularly vulnerable to stress.

Looking after your physical well-being will actually aid in your emotional recovery and keep at a minimum that “out-of-control” feeling.

Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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