We might feel exhausted, frustrated and that the world has it in for us some days when nothing seems to go right. This causes stress…. but what if it didn’t have to?

Stress comes in many shapes and sizes, and we often may not even notice it, but it will affect our health. So, what we need to do is to learn how to relieve stress. The way we deal with stress depends a lot on what type of person we are, and again, our coping methods can vary in as many ways as stress does.

But we MUST do something about it because if we leave this stress unchecked, we will soon be listing off our health issues caused by stress.

So, instead of feeling the weight of the world against us when the next issue happens, try to see the funny side, the adventure in it or revel in the opportunity to grow and learn.

This may sound strange, but if an incident isn’t seen as stressful, it isn’t. It’s that simple!

Learn to laugh to relieve stress

We often hear that laughter is the best medicine, and there is a good reason for that. We do feel better when we laugh. A good and sincere laugh is very good for our health. With our stress-driven lives, we have nearly stopped smiling, except on rare occasions. It is like we need a special invitation for that, and we must RSVP or it will simply not happen. Something so natural has become very difficult.

Here are the benefits to laughter, according to www.helpguide.org, if we simply do what we did not so long ago…before we started acting our age as “serious adults”:

  • Boosts our immune system
  • Releases endorphins
  • Protects our heart
  • Improves mood
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Improves social behavior

Very often, life’s hiccups can be very funny, if we choose to look at them that way. Before getting angry that the cat ate our cereal, laugh with the kids about it.

If these haven’t convinced you to tune the stress down, there are many more benefits. Just pick up where you left off as a child and start laughing with family and friends, kids or with your pets and relieve stress.

Rethinking Stress is to Relieve Stress

Discover new things in life

Luckily, we are not cats, because we know what happens to them when they feel curious. We are free to be curious and to look for new experiences in life. This doesn’t mean regularly changing our entire lives, but it means adding new practices. They could be funny and maybe useful, but definitely interesting!

Next time you take a wrong turn, why not explore what’s there? Maybe you’ll stumble upon a new restaurant, museum or interesting architecture.

Many people often say they love to travel. Discovery of new places is wonderful and we often feel fully recharged after traveling. But discovery is not limited to exploring new places. Finding a new coffee shop can be just as fulfilling. Or, finding a new way of doing something you didn’t previously know, can be very satisfying. You can also try new recipes or restaurants with new and different food.

As Plato said, “necessity is the mother of invention”, but so are accidents!

Discovery makes your brain active and turns our stress reaction on its head. These discoveries will wake up your concentration and pleasure centers in your brain. They make you feel good, and when you feel good, you are in a better mood. This way you are more productive (and not only in your job), your self-esteem grows stronger and levels of stress are lowered. With low levels of stress, your health improves, and that is why discovery is truly good for you.

Learn something new

Similar to discoveries, learning something new is an excellent way to channel stress. People are made to learn. All living things learn. There are learning experiences all around you and seizing every opportunity to learn something new is a great way to look at a stressful situation. You can think to yourself, “I’ll never make that mistake again” or “if that hadn’t happened, I’d never have learned…”

But besides adopting new, practical and useful knowledge and skills, we are free to learn for fun. We often call these things hobbies. And the learning itself can be a hobby.

The cognitive stimulation that we receive when learning has many benefits, like those found on Ccsuconed website. These benefits affect brain chemistry, learning speed, the interconnection between different skills and knowledge, better adaptation to changes, and after all you can lead new and more interesting conversations with your old and new friends.

One very important benefit is the possible prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Learning new skills stimulates our brain, and this stimulation improves our mood and decreases stress levels.

We may not always like going to school on Monday morning, but learning is definitely a good way to re-think stress.

Get out of that comfort zone and meet new and interesting people

This is not something that many people would consider a stress-relieving activity, but that depends on the concept and the environment of meeting new people. Of course, meeting new people during a high-profile business meeting can be stressful, but if we meet the same people during a cooking or dance class that would be an entirely different experience.

Or, if your mishap brings you into contact with a person you would be unlikely to meet in your usual circles, you could discover a stimulating new friend.

New people can bring something fresh… new conversations, new experiences, new perspective to already known things and topics…these refreshing things can bring new mental stimulation into our lives. This is especially important if we are stuck too much in the comfort of our lives. Our routines can be useful as much as they can be captivating. One day we may enjoy knowing what comes next, but soon this can bring our mood down, which increases the levels of stress and it can even go further and result in depression.

Meeting people with whom we can share interests and ideas, spend time and enjoy in healthy laughter can relieve stress and improve our health.

Aren’t these sorts of misadventures what make life interesting?

We may hear doctors say that pain is our best friend. Pain tells us something is wrong, and that we should fix it. We should look at stress from that perspective, as well. Stress is less obvious than physical pain but it can actually cause more damage. But, if we understand stress, we can use it as a road sign. The sign that tells us that we should do something different. These changes will improve our lives, and make them more fulfilling.

We must also realize that feeling stress can very often be a choice. If we choose to see the funny, adventurous and stimulating side of a mishap, our stress evaporates and we may even find that we positively benefit from the incident.

By reducing our stress, we are improving our health. Good health means healthy metabolism and a healthy immune system. We can do that by enjoying good laughter, exploring and discovering new things, learning new skills, and meeting new people. And if we need something extra, we can always add BioPro-Plus which will help us take our immune system health to the next level. In a very natural way, BioPro-Plus helps to balance and restore immune function, thus making every aspect of our health better.

Don’t let your stress take over…. Use it to your benefit, and convert it to new changes which will lead you to a more interesting and healthy life.

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