It’s a well-established fact that what we eat can impact our health. Research shows that raw foods can boost your immune system and help you fights disease naturally.

A lot of dietitians and naturopaths are talking about raw foods these days and for good reason. The concept of a raw food based diet is becoming more and more popular among health conscious people. Raw foods are unprocessed, natural, without toxins, and are generally low in fat and high in nutrition. They are also great immune boosters and disease fighters. Below we have listed 3 reasons why you should include more raw food in your diet.


1. Raw foods improve your Health:

raw foodsProcessed and cooked foods can lose nutrients and even become harmful for us in certain situations. The process of cooking can destroy some of the natural enzymes present in raw foods. Raw foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables, and seeds contain loads of enzymes that help in digestion.  Because enzymes help us break down food and make nutrients available for the body, raw foods will keep your entire digestive system running smoothly.  Eating raw foods with every meal is a great way to boost your immune system, improve digestion, and boost your general health.


2. Raw Fruits And Vegetables Help You Lose Weight:

When you eat raw fruits and vegetables, you feel full more easily without overeating. The sugar in an apple, for example, is wrapped with fiber. So, your body needs to break down fiber to get to the sugar. This fiber in raw food is also helpful in weight loss. Raw foods are also generally low in fat than cooked foods. This can be attributed to both the naturally-occurring saturated fat content of most meats and animal products such as butter, sour cream, and mayonnaise.


3. Eating Raw Food is Environmentally Friendly & Economical:

fruitsEating raw foods doesn’t tax our environment as much as processed foods do. Raw foods require less energy for storing, packaging and processing. You’ll also save energy on cooking. Raw foods are also economically beneficial because they are cheaper than canned, smoked or dried foods.



Diet plays a significant role in our health and wellbeing. Eating raw foods can improve our health, economy and also our environment. It improves our health and helps us save money and energy, and so, it’s recommended that you include more raw foods into your daily diet.


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Source: Alternative Health Concepts


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