Find new ways to sweat this new year with these three fitness trends. If you’re finding yourself bored and unmotivated to work out, get re-inspired and re-invigorated with these fun new workouts. It’s the perfect way to get your sweat on, build your strength, boost your immune system, and start 2022 empowered and ready to tackle the new year’s challenges and opportunities.

New Workouts For Everybody and Every Body

No matter your fitness level, these new workouts will get you excited to get your sweat on.

1. Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga began growing in popularity in 2014, but it’s set to become one of 2022’s biggest fitness trends. When it comes to new workouts, this fitness routine couldn’t be a better match for the new year: 

  • Yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety, which is something many of us crave after the hectic 12 months that we experienced last year. 
  • Aerial yoga incorporates a lot of core movements and requires balance and coordination, boosting your overall functional fitness.
  • Aerial yoga is very invigorating, adding something absolutely unique that few other workouts can provide: A feeling of floating and weightlessness.

More and more traditional yoga studios are adding aerial yoga classes, or you can visit an aerial yoga studio that’s devoted specifically to this art form. You’ll get stronger, feel more mindful and relaxed, and enjoy increased mobility and flexibility.

2. Boxing

Ring in the new year…in the boxing ring! Boxing classes help you to channel your inner Rocky Balboa, but it’s not just about the “fighting” aspect.

Throwing all those punches, honing your dodges and turns, and practicing advanced moves like upper cuts and jabs can:

  • Burn a lot of calories (some estimate up to 1,000 calories are burned in a standard 60-minute boxing class)
  • Build your muscular endurance
  • Strengthen your entire body, not just your arms
  • Improve your balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Combat stress

3. Spinning

Ride your way to new levels of fitness with spinning, which has been topping the trends list of new workouts for a while now (and shows no signs of abating). 

Many spin classes are set in an almost nightclub-esque setting, featuring pulsing lights and pounding music. Enthusiasts say they get addicted fast, because it’s not just fun, but you also build a lot of camaraderie with your fellow workout partners. 

Spinning can also:

  • Burn a lot of fat
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Build your endurance

No matter which of these new workouts you try this year, don’t forget to support your new, sweaty endeavors with the right supplements. A new exercise routine often puts extra stress on your body, so give your body what it needs for optimal recovery and performance:

  • Eat extra healthy carbohydrates to fuel your cardio
  • Increase your protein intake to help repair and rebuild your muscles
  • Take fish oil supplements to reduce exercise-induced inflammation and soreness
  • Try thymic protein supplements like BioProPlus-500 to help strengthen your immune system

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