Hello and welcome to another awesome issue of 5 alternative health sites form trusted sources. In this issue we have put together five websites containing quality information on natural immune boosting remedies.

Mother Nature protects us in many ways; she keeps us safe from many diseases through our immune systems. With a strong immune system we can fight off many diseases, including common cold and potentially life threatening diseases like cancer. Below we have several sites with articles and resources that tell us how to boost our immune system naturally.  


1. Mother Earth Living

Mother Earth Living is a national natural wellness and conscientious living magazine that covers a wide variety of topics.  This online magazine emphasizes a holistic approach, and will help you improve your life through its informative articles, blogs, recipes, videos and much more.

Articles we like from Mother Earth Living


2. Modern Survival Blogs

flower Modern Survival Blogs was created in 2010 with the intention to provide you with information and ideas that better prepare you for the modern world. It focuses on a wide variety of preparedness topics for living a healthy life that includes situational dangers and risk awareness.

Articles we like from Modern Survival Blogs


3. A Place for Mom

A Place for Mom provides useful information for senior care. Their blogs, articles and forum discussions are especially designed for elderly mothers and family. This site will help you to find the latest news on healthy aging, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, retirement plans and assisted living for senior citizens.

Articles we like from A Place for Mom


4. Organic Facts

natural remedies Organic Facts  is run by a small group of people who are passionate about helping people with proper health and nutrition. They aim to provide unbiased information on different organic foods in general. They also review different food products and provide information on organic living in general.

Articles we like from Organic Facts


5. Natural Blaze

Natural Blaze  is a collection of resources and articles from experts who are enthusiastic about natural health. Furthermore, this site focuses on providing authentic information that is helpful for a wide range of audiences. This is an excellent site for finding tips on healthy lifestyle, remedies, diet and wellness.  

Articles we like from Natural Blaze


We hope you will benefit from these amazing and informative alternative health sites. Living a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in boosting health and fighting diseases, which modern medicine often fails to achieve.

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Sources: Alternative Health Concepts


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