Welcome to another collection of alternative health sites from trusted sources. In this issue we have 5 alternative health sites that talk about natural immune boosting remedies.

Your immune system is your natural protection against disease-causing microorganisms. With a strong immune system you’ll be able to fight off diseases more effectively. We believe in holistic and natural health, as we know you can strengthen your immune system naturally with diet, lifestyle, and supplements.

5 Alternative Health Sites from Trusted Sources

There may be a number of alternative and natural immune boosting remedies and techniques out there that you may not be aware of. Here we have carefully selected 5 alternative health sites that have valuable resources on immune system health. Check out these sites and our selection of articles that show you how to boost your immune system naturally.  Enjoy!

1. The Health Site

flowerThe Health Site is an informative website, packed with tons of resources on a wide variety of topics and in various forms. This site has a strong Eastern flavor because the owners and most of the authors of this website are experts in eastern traditional medicine such as ayurveda, yoga, as well as the mainstream medicine of the west.

Articles we like from The Health Site

2. Herbs with Rosalee

Rosalee, the founder of Herbs with Rosalee is passionate about the healing power of herbs.  She is a herbalist, who has helped hundreds of clients reclaim their health and has taught thousands of herbal students in online.

Articles we like from Herbs with Rosalee



3. Natural Health and Healing 4 U

Natural Health and Healing 4 U is a simple and yet information packed website founded and authored by Liz. She is passionate about natural health and healing, and so she created this website to share her knowledge and to help others heal themselves.

Articles we like from Natural Health and Healing 4 U


4. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine gives you resources and tools to become a better and healthier person in your life. The authors of the magazine hold a common belief that they can change the world for the better by changing every individual for the better. They cover a wide range of topics to address almost every aspect of the mind body and spirit.

Articles we like from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine



5. The Healthy Home Economist

flower Sara, The Healthy Home Economist has designed this resourceful website with a variety of information on alternative health.  She is a bestselling author who writes about the effective, practical application of traditional diet and holistic treatment options based on research and studies.

Articles we like from the Healthy Home Economist


P.S: Alternative health is all about holistic health that focuses on our body mind and soul, and not just symptoms. 

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Sources: Alternative Health Concepts 


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