An Overview of Natural Cancer Treatment Options

It is scary to think that most everyone at some point in life will be touched by cancer. While there are always new traditional as well as complementary alternative treatments and medications being developed to prolong the lives of cancer sufferers, there is still a good deal of fear about the disease.

There is also a growing concern or awareness about using alternative treatment options instead of or in addition to traditional cancer treatment options such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy.

Traditional treatments for cancer most commonly used are chemotherapy and radiation, which have been used for decades because they often do work. Unfortunately, they also have some very strong, serious side effects. For some patients, they may even cause more complications than the cancer itself which leads people to wonder about emerging natural cancer treatments.

What are natural cancer treatments and do these treatments work? If you are suffering from cancer or you know someone who is, these are important questions to explore.

What are Natural Cancer Treatments?

spices Natural treatments would include approaches that do not make use of chemotherapy or radiation. These treatments are not necessarily approved in the United States by the FDA, but that does not mean that their effectiveness is non-existent.

Natural treatments might include a nutritional approach to managing cancer, an herbal approach or even massage or acupuncture. There are some treatments that are considered natural like ozone therapy and high dose vitamin IVs. For many patients, the natural treatments can be wonderful aids in reducing side effects from conventional therapies.

Supplements can also be helpful to help build up your body and protect your immune system before, during and after other treatments. Thymic proteins are responsible for a strong immune system and help it to identify infected cells. As people age, the level of proteins that their thymus gland produces decreases and have found that  supplementing with thymus protein supplements really helps to boost and restore their immune system, naturally.

The mind is a powerful agent in the fight against cancer. When a patient feels positive or feels strong because they feel free of nausea or other symptoms that are associated with chemotherapy and radiation, they can work to heal themselves better. There are more and more hospitals that will combine traditional treatments with natural ones.

Do They Work?

It has to be restated that most natural cancer treatments have not undergone expensive and rigorous peer reviewed double blind clinical trials and are not likely to be recommended by oncologists. However, that same expert would probably not dissuade his patient from getting a massage, acupuncture, eating a raw but balanced diet and incorporating supplements.

echinacea plantAll of these things combined can help a person manage symptoms of traditional treatments.In that respect, they do work to help a cancer patient fight another day. The stronger a person can remain and the healthier they can remain, the better their immune system has a chance at working to fight off cancer.

Some fads are just that. Some treatments might be included in the list of so-called natural treatments that may never prove to be effective.

Many patients like to take various supplements like turmeric or ingest  parsley in the form of a potent juice. Natural treatments like turmeric may not cure a person of cancer either, but they may help the person feel physically better and build the immune system to best fight cancer. That can be a help in and of itself.

If you are suffering from cancer or have a loved one who is, talk  to a doctor about combining healthy choices from the natural forms of cancer therapies detailed above with traditional ones.


Cancer does not have to be a fatal disease, but it’s more common today than ever before and there are many different treatment options also available today. Apart from the traditional medical treatments and therapies, there are also many alternative and complementary methods and treatments available. One should keep an open mind in order to stay safe. When it comes to treating cancer entirely, every bit and piece of the puzzle fits together to enhance a patient’s health, and help treat cancer faster.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts


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