It’s been a whirlwind year so far, with countless healthcare breakthroughs, eye-opening research, and social changes related to the pandemic. As we enter the second half of 2021, it’s a perfect time to look back at the past few months and celebrate 2021’s biggest health lessons.

The Biggest Health Lessons of 2021 So Far

1. Prepare for the Unimaginable

health lessonsThroughout the first half of 2021, we faced so many uncertainties, changes in public health regulations, and debates about health practices, immunity, and vaccines.

It was, and continues to be, a stark reminder to not take the status quo for granted.

It was also a powerful cue to make sure we’re investing in our own health and wellness so that we’re always ready and prepared for the unexpected.

While we can’t always predict regulations or health policies set by governments, businesses, and society, we can invest in our own health and wellness so we’re more resilient and prepared for what the future holds.

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2. Trust Science But Trust Yourself More

health lessonsMuch of the uncertainty we faced over the past few months was due to misinformation or misunderstanding of scientific research, as well as miscommunication and constantly changing evidence in the scientific realm.

It was a prime example of our need to evaluate everything we see and read, and be open to trusting our gut and our own discernment as we navigate a world in flux.

Your next step: Think for yourself and don’t blindly trust science or “experts.” Question everything you read and trust your own inner instincts.

3. Family and Social Connection Matters More Than Ever

health lessonsThanks to lockdowns and social restrictions, people felt isolated more than ever.

As we return to a sense of normalcy and community, we should all celebrate and treasure our friendships and families like never before.

Social connection is strongly linked with increased longevity, reduced disease risks, and a stronger immune system.

Your next step: Don’t take connection for granted, and invest in healthy, positive relationships today.

4. Medical Breakthroughs Continue to Be the Next Frontier

In the world of alternative health and natural healthcare, we’ve long felt neglected by traditional researchers and mainstream science. Yet the past few months have renewed intense focus on alternative therapies, natural immune boosters, and a more holistic look at how our health doesn’t exist in a vacuum. More than ever before, we appreciate how our personal health is heavily impacted by our communities and our social environments.

Your next step: Push your medical doctors and healthcare professionals to consider alternative modalities for health.

5. Self Care is Not an Indulgence

health lessonsWe’ve all felt the brunt of the past few months, and the stress and anxiety that many of us have carried throughout 2021.

Previously, self-care might have seemed indulgent or selfish.

Now, we all recognize how critical it is for our mental health and our resilience to the world’s abrupt changes.

Your next step: Do something today that pampers yourself and restores your emotional and mental health.

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