Webinar Series on Alternative Health Topics

As part of our mission to help educate about alternative health methods, treatments, techniques and products, we held multiple educational series about a wide range of natural health topics.

Our first series was a topic near and dear to us… Immune System Health, taught by our own Dr. Herbert Warren, DVM, and Mike Warren. All replays are available, where you may learn all about the science bit and how to optimize your own Immune Health.

Our second series was presented by Dr. Lopes, Naturopathic Doctor. She took us through our hormone health, specifically insulin, adrenaline and our thyroid hormones. All replays available, see below!

Our third series was presented by our own president, Mike Warren, where he is giving us an incredibly in-depth review of the Truth about Cancer Symposium he attended. There so many key learnings about fighting cancer naturally!

Our fourth series was with our returning guest Nutritionist and Registered Pharmacist Barbara Mendez, sharing her down-to-earth methods of eating healthy.

Our fifth series was with Dolores Andrew Gavin about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She shared with us the techniques for releasing pent-up emotional blockages and how to release them.

Replays of Webinars Series

If you have missed any installments of our Immune System Series or Hormonal Health Series, please click here to join the EAT site and watch all replays.

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