Many people forget or neglect the importance of water while thinking of their fitness and health.  They should realize that 65% of the human body weight is in water. Researches have revealed that poor water intake habits are quite frequent among the elderly population.

Furthermore, poor water consumption leads to a number of health issues and serious health concerns.

Poor water intake prevails in our society with abundance and it is evident in a number of unhealthy activities and habits. Dehydration is the most common disorder among the younger generation, and it is the reason behind a number of health issues that people face in their daily lives. Awareness must be promoted among people so that they can learn how water acts as armor to health related risks.

Most commonly, the young generation are  facing headaches and migraines several hours of the day. Better water consumption can be the answer to this. Several studies have shown that water can relieve headache frequencies and reduce the intensity as well as duration.

boost healthA number of people ask experts and look for answers around on the internet about their weight issues. You would be surprised to know that less intake of water is the major reason of gaining weight.

Dangers of Dehydration

When the body system gets dehydrated, it will use all other fluids and minerals up, causing your body to send signals to the brain asking for more energy. The brain interprets this as hunger. So gaining weight is another issue related with poor water intake and dehydration.

Proper intake of water ensures you stay focused and put greater effort into concentration. This is because the brain is mostly made of water and an excess of water helps the brain to perform cardiovascular functions. Doctors say dehydration can cause brain fog.

Every organ, cell and system of our body requires water to function properly. If you go through dehydration frequently, every organ in your body has to put in extra effort in order to function. Drinking more water will affect your aging process, making your body cells and organs stay younger, which will result in you to looking and feeling younger.

Drinking Water Helps Detox your Body

Drinking a sufficient amount of water will help your body to carry out the process of detoxification. Drinking water actually helps to push impurities and waste through the body. And because of that we could enjoy a healthier and energized life.

drinking waterExperts revealed that the youthfulness of the skin depends on its health. Clearness  and the glow of the skin are actually major problems with a majority of the female gender in our society. Dryness and wrinkles on the skin are due to two reasons, and one among them is water retention.

In order to restore the beauty of skin one must make sure to consume at least two liters of water during the day. Physicians recommend to drink a big glass of chilled water on an empty stomach to help the skin glow.

When you ensure proper consumption of water, it helps in reducing blood pressure.  When you are fully hydrated, the percentage of water in your blood is 92%, and this helps blood to flow more easily through the arteries and veins, resulting in reducing cardiovascular diseases and maintaining the body’s blood pressure.

Water Helps Sustain Balance in your Body

Drinking more water will ultimately sustain the balance in your body. It will also help you to maintain body temperature in the winter. The thermal properties of water help to keep skin cool and in maintaining body temperature.

When you experience a well maintained body temperature, you experience more energy. Drink at least 8-10 cups of water every day, to ensure better, longer health.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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