Join us on BLAB Every Week!

Technology allows people from all corners of the world to join together and interact with one another, in real time. Isn’t that amazing!?

We have come to realize that we should take advantage of the convenient technology available today and interact in real time with our community. To do this, we are going to be using a new cool platform called BLAB, and hold our weekly webinars there.

our blabThe webinar will allow us to meet with our audience, live, and discuss our mission of promoting alternative techniques and products. Some of you may have already seen us on various social media platforms or on our website, and you may also have questions about us and our products.

On BLAB, we will be able to answer all of your questions in real time.

What is BLAB?

BLAB is a cool new video chat app that can be used on your PC, or iOS. You can reach BLAB via desktop by going to blab.im or download the iOS app by searching for ‘BLAB’ in the apple app store (or click here).

“BLAB is a conversation platform. It lets anyone push a button, and broadcast a conversation between 2-4 like minded people  ” – Shaan Puri, CEO, BLAB.  

How does BLAB work?

The cool thing about BLAB is it allows 4 people to be visible and chat at the same time, while allowing others the chance to join, using their Twitter account (unless you want to sneak in anonymously without any interactions) with just one click and view the live chat. It allows a large number of people to view and participate in the conversation either through text or through voice chat.  

Check out the Alternative Health Concepts Blab channel right now. You can watch our replays or subscribe to an upcoming Blab.

On our weekly webinar, our founding members and most of our staff will be present to have conversations and answer questions from our viewers. The video chat app allows you to use your own webcam, so that when you “take a seat” on the platform, it shows your live image streaming on the screen.

video chatHow to Use BLAB

Getting started on BLAB is so easy!

  1. Go to blab.im or get the app for your phone.
  2. Watch the live featured BLAB at the top, search for an interest or go to our Alternative Health Concepts BLAB channel.
  3. To watch a BLAB, simply click on it to watch live. If you would like to interact and ask questions, sign in with your twitter account, by choosing “Sign in” at the top right when you get onto Blab. OR, you can quietly watch anonymously, and if you decide you would like to post a question or comment, you will be given the opportunity to sign in when you submit it.
  4. If you would like to become part of the live video conversation, ask to take a seat (if one of the 4 is empty) by clicking “Call in”. BLAB will use your own webcam and microphone to connect you, so be ready!
  5. If a BLAB you’re interested in is airing in the future, click “subscribe” and even if you miss the live stream, you will be emailed the replay.
  6. Enjoy!

(Tip: BLAB can be very addictive, so don’t forget you have a life outside of it!)

The Rules of BLAB

BLAB doesn’t really have many rules; anyone can come and blab about anything. But the BLAB team has recommended that you follow some of these rules below for your own convenience:

  1. Don’t BLAB and drive
  2. Don’t repeat someone else’s BLAB
  3. Respect others
  4. Let others speak
  5. Respect the viewers’ time
  6. Don’t be an awful person to be around!

But of course, just like any public online platform, the host sets the rules and topics for the BLAB, and you can either accept them or leave.

So, if you think you are able to BLAB with us, feel free to join in. We’ll be talking each week about alternative health issues, techniques and products and will answer all of your questions during our BLAB meetings. We’ll also be interviewing influential people in alternative health and be gaining lots of new insight and tips.

Check out the Alternative Health Concepts Blab channel right now. Watch our replays or subscribe to an upcoming Blab.