Due to an ongoing increase in shipping and material costs, we find it necessary to increase our prices on June 15th but will also introduce discounted tiered pricing for BioPro-Plus 500 to give you increasing savings the more boxes you buy.

We have been pleased to offer the same high-quality products for the past 5 years without any increase in price! In order to continue doing so, it has become necessary to update our pricing to make it more in-line with current costs.

Free Shipping

We have also prided ourselves on offering free shipping on all orders, however, shipping costs have increased by almost 10% over the past year alone. This new pricing will allow us to continue to provide free shipping on all orders, with no minimum purchase.

Lock-in Expiring Pricing

Before our price change goes live on June 15th, you may purchase a subscription for BioPro-Plus, whereby you automatically receive a new supply of product every 3 months. You may cancel at any time and purchasing this autoship option ahead of June 15th will lock in today’s pricing for the lifetime of your subscription. More info on new autoship pricing coming soon.

Just click to the BioPro-Plus product you wish to order and select the “shipped every 90 days” option from the drop-down. After June 15th, the new pricing will be updated on the site and new subscriptions prices will go up.

*Please note that purchasing a once-off quantity (not a subscription) will not lock in current pricing.

New Pricing & Tiered Discounts

Please see the below list of new prices, which will be updated on our website June 15th. Make note of the increasing discount that will be available with each additional quantity ordered.

Single Purchase Pricing

BioPro-Plus 500
1 Box – $49.95

2 Boxes – $82.95

3 Boxes – $119.95

4 Boxes – $149.95

BioPro-Plus 100

BioPro-Plus 100-500 Combo


Subscription/ Autoship Pricing

BioPro-Plus 100
3 Boxes 90 day auto-ship – $97.95

BioPro-Plus 500
6 Boxes 90 day auto-ship – $215.95
12 Boxes 90 day auto-ship – $379.95

BioPro-Plus 100/500 COMBO
3 Boxes of Each 90 day auto-ship – $179.95

12 Boxes 90 day auto-ship – $379.95

Please let us know if you have any questions simply by contacting us.

If you’re a long-time customer of BioPro-Plus or have been considering becoming a customer, now is the perfect time to lock in this lower price. Click here to purchase a subscription today!

To your health,
Mike Warren