Welcome to another issue of 5 alternative health sites from trusted sources. Here are 5 sites compiled by our team through research and careful review of many alternative health sites.  

Alternative health is one of the hottest topics in today’s medical world. It’s gaining momentum every day and so there are more and more alternative health sites emerging into existence. As a result, finding the right resources can be a challenging task. That’s why we at the Alternative Health Concepts have taken it upon ourselves to find the right kind of alternative health sites for our readers.

5 Alternative Health Sources on Natural Immune System Enhancement

There are many natural ways that allows us to boost our immune system. Boosting our health with food, lifestyle and natural immune boosting supplements would also boost our immune system naturally. Here we have 5 alternative health sites from trusted sources that talk about natural immune system enhancement.


1. Life Extension:

seashell Life Extension focuses on good health in general with proper diet, exercise and lifestyle. It’s a health awareness website packed with informative posts and articles from health professionals. They have a track record of 35 years, researching and developing science-based supplements and medicine for health and anti-aging.

Articles we like from Life Extension:


2. Natural Society:

Natural Society is a great site if you are enthusiastic about natural health care methods. This site helps you to keep up to date with natural health discoveries and research. It’s a portal for the “latest health news that actually matters.”

Articles we like from Natural Society:


3. Cancer Active:

Cancer Active provides expert information on cancer treatment. Besides mainstream orthodox cancer therapies, they also provide the latest research-based information on complementary and alternative treatment methods and educational materials for its clients. They emphasize good health through healthy living and nutrition that may help increase the odds of beating cancer naturally. I’m sure you’ll enjoy their educational materials, including news, articles and videos.

Articles we like from Cancer Active:


4. Healthy.Net:

flowers Healthy.Net is a 24-hour health resource center. It’s a portal for most accurate and recent alternative health information, products, and services to help create your wellness-based lifestyle. The healthy.net team is comprised of well-established and certified doctors that focus on alternative health and integrative medicine. This site covers a wide variety of treatment options and information on alternative therapies. Also, It has a wide range of tips and advice to help you lead a healthy life.

Articles we like from Healthy.Net:


5. Body Ecology:

Body Ecology was founded by Donna Gates. It’s a system of health and healing that addresses several conditions of the body to help you look and feel great. Moreover, her system is intended to help people with several health conditions such as candida, chronic fatigue, depression, weight problems and early aging. She has studied eastern healing systems as well as western fad diets and integrated her knowledge in this website with her products and health advice.

Articles we like from Body Ecology:


So, that was our collection of 5 alternative health sites of the week from trusted sources. Hope you’ll benefit from the health advice and information available on these sites.  If you found value in these sites, please add your comments below and let us know.

We’ll be back with 5 more alternative sites next week, so, please come back for the next issue. Until then, stay well and stay healthy.

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