Hello and welcome to another issue of our 5 Alternative Health Sites from Trusted Sources Issue #2. This week we have another collection of alternative health sites. The topic is natural immune boosting supplements.

Sifting through the internet and sorting out some of the best alternative health sites is time consuming.  We have done all the hard work and have reviewed hundreds of sites. Here we have selected 5 trusted alternative health sites. If you have enjoyed our last issue, you’ll surely enjoy this issue. If you haven’t read our last issue, please visit it: 5 Alternative Health Sites from Trusted Sources Issue #1

5 Alternative Health Sites on Natural Immune Boosting Supplements 

This week we have compiled another set of five alternative health sites based on the quality and value of information presented on these sites. Hope you’ll enjoy our selection this week.

1. Prevention.Com

Prevention.Com is a great site for information and regular updates on health issues. They cover a lot of different areas of health concerns with articles and blogs on happy, healthy living. Their article source is from Rodale Inc. and you can subscribe or become a member of this site and receive health articles regularly in your email inbox.

Articles we like from Prevention.Com


2. Mind Body Green

diet & nutrition Mind Body Green is a media brand that brings you great information on healthy living in various forms. The goals of this site are to help you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and environmentally. If you are looking for great healthy recipes, fitness tips, yoga instructions, and tips on general health in one place, this just might be the right place for you.

Articles we like form Mind Body Green


3. Ask Dr. Maxwell

Ask Dr. Maxwell  is run by Dr. Craig A. Maxwell. He is a board certified doctor in integrative medicine. He has practiced medicine for over 30 years with natural health supplements and treatments.  This website reflects Dr. Maxwell’s experience and passion in alternative medicine.

Articles we like from Ask Dr. Maxwell


4. Global Healing Center

Global Healing Center was founded in 1988 by Dr. Edward. F Group. It’s a full time health clinic. This website attempts to reach out to the global communities, beyond the reach or their physical institution, with messages of health, happiness and nutrition.

Articles we like from Global Healing Center


5. Organic Nutrition

alternative medicine Organic Nutrition emphasizes physical health through organic nutrition. They advocate the idea that a healthy body can fight off disease much better. They also believe that our body is able to solve a lot of problems on its own if we provide the right nutrients to it. Read more about it on this site, they have Questions and Answers, free articles, blogs, and newsletters. They also have an online store offering various health products and natural medicines.

Articles we like form Organic Nutrition


Hope you enjoyed our selected alternative sites of the week. Please visit these sites and check out the great articles and videos they have. Also, provide us your feedback. Let us know if you’ve come across some good alternative health sites that you’d like to share with everyone.  Click here to visit our Facebook page.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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